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Wide range of target systems

Password Manager Pro supports password resets for a wide range of target systems using two reset modes: through agent-less mode or by deploying agents in the remote host in case of systems without direct connectivity such as the ones protected by firewalls or residing in demilitarized zones (DMZ).

Password Manager Pro can reset passwords automatically on multiple platforms across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

Below is a complete list of target resource types supported by Password Manager Pro.

1. Operating Systems

  1. HPUX
  2. Windows
  3. Windows Domain
  4. Linux
  5. Mac
  6. Solaris
  7. HP Unix
  8. IBM Aix

2. Cisco Devices

  1. Cisco Management Integration Center
  2. Cisco Catalyst
  3. Cisco SG300
  4. Cisco UCS
  5. Cisco Wireless LAN Controller
  6. Cisco IOS
  7. Cisco Pix
  8. Cisco Cat OS

3. Database Servers

  1. MS SQL
  2. MySQL
  3. Sybase ASE
  4. Oracle DB server
  5. PostgreSQL

4. Network Devices

  1. ASA Firewall
  2. Audiocode
  3. Brocade
  4. Brocade VDX
  5. Brocade SAN Switch
  6. Checkpoint Firewall
  7. Extreme Networks
  8. F5
  9. Fortinet
  10. Fortigate Firewall
  11. Fortimail
  12. Fujitsu Switch
  13. Gigamon
  14. H3C
  15. HMC
  16. HP Printer
  17. HP Onboard Administrator
  18. HP Virtual Connect
  19. Huawei
  20. HP Procurve
  21. Juniper
  22. Juniper Netscreen ScreenOS
  23. HP iLO
  24. Mikrotik
  25. Opengear
  26. Orange Firewall
  27. Palo Alto Networks
  28. Pfsense
  29. Routerboard
  30. Ruijie
  31. Sonicwall
  32. TPLINK
  33. VMWare VCenter
  34. Citrix Netscaler SDX
  35. Citrix Netscaler VPX
  36. Magento
  37. Netapp 7Mode
  38. Netapp CDot

5. File Stores

  1. HPE StoreOnce
  2. File Store
  3. Key Store
  4. Certificate Store
  5. Nimble Storage
  6. License Store

6. Cloud Services

  1. WebLogic
  2. AWS IAM
  3. Google apps
  4. Rackspace
  5. Microsoft Azure
  6. Salesforce

7. Others

  1. Website accounts
  2. LDAP Server
  3. VMWare ESXi
  4. IBM AS400
  5. Oracle XSCF
  6. Oracle ALOM
  7. Oracle ILOM
  8. Aruba ATP
  10. FortiManager-FortiAnalyzer
  11. Nortel
Password Reset

Custom Connectors Cover Systems Not Supported By Default

For any target system that is not supported by Password Manager Pro, the password reset can be done in two ways:

1. If the target systems are similar to the ones supported by default, create custom resource types and link their management methods to the supported protocols such as SSH-CLI, JDBC, WMI, etc.

2. If the target system is disparate from the supported platforms, we offer three ways in which you can go about performing the remote password reset.

  • Password Reset Plugins
  • SSH Command Sets
  • Password Reset Listeners

Password Reset Plugins operate using a customized implementation class that you can manually add to Password Manager Pro. When a password reset is triggered for a custom resource type, the plugin can be invoked from the Password Manager Pro server to connect to the remote resource and complete the password reset. Password reset plugins can be configured individually for resources that are of user-defined resource types. Click here to learn more about this functionality.

SSH Command sets feature can be used to reset passwords for all SSH-based devices that can be reached by a command-line interface. You can add custom commands for the custom resources directly onto the Password Manager Pro web interface, without the need for a CLI terminal. Click here to learn more about this functionality.

Password Reset Listeners are scripts or executables that you can supply and invoke when a password change is needed. Password Manager Pro allows you to use the reset listeners as the custom connectors to update the password changes. Click here to learn more about this functionality.


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