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Ticketing system integration

In today's IT, the majority of privileged operations—such as system password resets, technical assistance, and troubleshooting—are routed through a ticketing system so they can be easily tracked. When privileged access service requests arise, you have to backtrack and verify that a valid ticket has been raised and that the password requester is authorized. To avoid working backwards, Password Manager Pro integrates with numerous ticketing systems, including out-of-the-box integration with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand, ServiceDesk Plus MSP, ServiceDesk Plus, and ServiceNow.

Ticketing system integration

Automate password access control workflows based on ticket validation

Integrate Password Manager Pro's release control workflows with your ticketing system to allow your authorized users to retrieve passwords themselves by submitting a valid ticket ID. Password Manager Pro releases the password only after verifying the status of service request in the system. By attaching ticket IDs to each privileged operation, you can track sensitive passwords and cross-check records in the future.

Validate custom criteria before passwords are released.

Password Manager Pro provides complete flexibility by allowing you to customize the release control workflow with additional criteria to be validated in your ticketing system before each password is released. For instance, if a request for a password that belongs to your HR department comes through, Password Manager Pro can verify the originating department for that ticket ID before processing the request. As you can see, all you have to do is map certain criteria in Password Manager Pro with the corresponding criteria in your ticketing system.

Ensure users provide a credible reason for password retrieval along with ticket IDs.

Password Manager Pro allows you to specify validity periods for your passwords by setting their age. When that age occurs, the passwords will be automatically reset. For instance, if you set 90 days as your password age in your custom password policy, the resource passwords will be automatically reset once every 90 days.

Establish granular access controls on your passwords.

Automatically capture password retrieval operations and their respective ticket IDs in Password Manager Pro's audit records. You can also require users to submit a valid reason for requesting password access to strengthen your audit log. You can then use those logs to double check if the users' reasons in Password Manager Pro match the service requests in your ticketing system.

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