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Downers Grove Park District

Downers Grove Park District reduces account unlocks with ADSelfService Plus

COMPANY: Downers Grove Park District

INDUSTRY: Recreation

LOCATION: Downers Grove, Illinois

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Located in the village of Downers Grove in DuPage County, Illinois, Downers Grove Park District was established in 1946 when a group of citizens expressed their desire for a park and recreation system to serve Downers Grove village residents. Downers Grove Park District's mission is to enrich the community by preserving natural areas and by maintaining exceptional parks and facilities that inspire memorable experiences. Now, with over 600 acres of parks and facilities, Downers Grove Park District has won many prestigious awards and takes pride in its ability to provide high quality recreational experiences and facilities to the community.

“ADSelfService Plus provides a faster way for users to unlock their accounts instead of waiting the 30 minutes for the system to unlock them”

- Matthew Slocum, IT technician at Downers Grove Park District

The business challenge: Saying goodbye to 30 minute wait times for account unlocks.

Downers Grove Park District employs over 500 people and is one of the top recreational centers in all of Illinois. Like any large organization, account lockout issues created a major headache for Downers Grove Parks District's IT help desk. Users forgetting their passwords, getting locked out of their own systems, and calling the help desk for assistance became an everyday occurrence. On average, it took their help desk technicians around 30 minutes to respond to each password reset and account unlock ticket. This was a huge blow to the productivity levels of both its help desk personnel and its employees.

The solution: ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

Downers Grove Park District was on the hunt for a self-service password reset and account unlock solution that would empower users to manage their accounts on their own, saving them time and effort. Since Downers Grove Park District was already a ManageEngine customer, they had an easy time finding what they needed in the ManageEngine product catalog. They came across ADSelfService Plus—ManageEngine's integrated password self-service and single sign-on solution for Active Directory—and found it to be the panacea for its password troubles.

As Matthew Slocum, IT technician at Downers Grove Park District stated, "The account unlock feature—which gives users the ability to unlock themselves—prompted us to buy ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus."

The ADSelfService Plus advantage

The self-service account unlock feature was the deciding factor that swayed the result in favor of ADSelfService Plus. This feature effectively solved Downers Grove Park District's frequent user account lockout issues. With ADSelfService Plus in action, they witnessed a drastic reduction in the number of account unlock and password reset tickets.

Slocum explained, "ADSelfService Plus provides a faster way for users to unlock their accounts instead of waiting the 30 minutes for the system to unlock them," resulting in less downtime, higher employee productivity, and improved customer satisafaction. He also added, "ADSelfService Plus deployment was simple and cost effective."

About ADSelfService Plus

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is an integrated self-service password management and single sign-on solution. It helps on a large scale to eliminate the leading source of help desk calls and associated expenses by automating password resets and account unlocks, thereby optimizing employee productivity. Apart from the self-service password reset and account unlock features, ADSelfService Plus provides a wide array of features including password expiration notification, directory self-update, employee search, password synchronizer, password policy enforcer, single sign-on, and more. Learn more about ADSelfService Plus from our website.

About ManageEngine

ManageEngine is bringing IT together for IT teams that need to deliver real-time services and support. Worldwide, established and emerging enterprises — including more than 60 percent of the Fortune 500 — rely on our real-time IT management tools to ensure tight business-IT alignment and optimal performance of their IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, applications, desktops and more. ManageEngine is a division of Zoho Corporation with offices worldwide, including the United States, India, Singapore, Japan and China. For more information, please visit; follow the company blog at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @ManageEngine.

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