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ADSelfService Plus Ends Password Management Woes at Kubota

About the Company

Kubota Materials Canada Corporation is the leading North American supplier of heat resistant cast steel products, manufacturing alloys used primarily in the petrochemical and steel industries. Since its inception in 1935, Kubota has come a long way to come out on top as an industry leader, citing its quality, dependability, and on-time delivery as the factors that set it apart. Kubota has become an important contributor to the diversification and expansion of the Ontario region.

Business Challenge

The IT team at Kubota Material Canada Corporation takes utmost care to ensure the security of its network. A small lapse in security could enable anyone to access the production systems by pretending to be a regular employee. As part of their efforts to keep the infrastructure secure, the IT team at Kubota made it mandatory for all its employees to change their passwords every six months. Once more people were employed, manual methods of monitoring and helping employees change their passwords became ineffective. That's when Mark Thomson, IT manager at Kubota, started looking for end-user password management solutions that would help lift the burden off their shoulders.


Kubota Materials Canada Corporation





Mark Thomson, IT manager at Kubota Materials Canada Corporation, said,

"Truly easy to use, to administerand implement. Off-loads alot of tasks to set passwords,reset accounts."

ADSelfService Plus Makes Password Management Child's Play

Thomson and his team decided to go with ADSelfService Plus and ADManager Plus, ManageEngine's management and reporting solutions for Active Directory, Office 365, and Exchange Server. When asked about how they decided on these solutions and how many other solutions they considered, Thomson said, "We looked at about three different solutions and did a couple of demos. We eventually chose ADManager Plus and ADSelfService Plus. It [ADSeflService Plus] is an extremely cost efficient SaaS application that we actually run on-premise. It provided us with the most prompt features."

The Difference ADSelfService Plus Made

When asked how using ADSelfService Plus helped the end users of their company, Thomson responded, "All users in the entire company, including people on the floor, use their credentials to log in and access information for the production system. We change the passwords every six months. Now they can [change their passwords] from a web browser, or right when they log on to their computer. Works really simple." When asked about how the solution helped his team, Thomson replied, "ADSelfService Plus off-loads numerous tasks that we used to have to do to: Set passwords, reset accounts, and more. It is truly easy to use, to administer, and to implement. It is a great solution on the whole."

Easy to Use, But Help is Always Available, Just in Case

Regarding the ease of use and the after sales support of the solutions, Thomson replied, "We have been very impressed. The user interface was very simple and easy to use. It easily allows access to all different features and modules that we wanted to use. The staff at ManageEngine have been outstanding whenever we needed help, too."

About ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus is an integrated Active Directory (AD) self-service password management and SSO solution. It offers password self-service, password expiration reminders, a self-service directory updater, a multi-platform password synchronizer, and SSO for cloud applications. ADSelfService Plus supports IT help desks by reducing password reset tickets and spares end users the frustration caused by downtime.

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