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Password Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Active Directory Integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables intelligent customer engagement for companies seeking to curb costs and increase profits. For a Windows-based organization, the IT administrator would have to manage users’ passwords for both Windows Active Directory and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With such a hybrid IT environment in place, there is a high chance of identity management crisis.

How to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Active Directory for Password Sync?

Windows based users having an account in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are required to remember different passwords for both Windows AD and Microsoft Dynamics CRM accounts, which have different password complexity guidelines. Handling these different passwords is a hassle for both users and administrators alike.

When the account passwords are synchronized using ADSelfService Plus, the password synchronizer automatically updates the new password set for Windows Active directory to Microsoft Dynamics CRM account. Synchronizing native Windows password changes and resets via login screen or ADUC console is accomplished with a password sync agent. Click here to learn more about the password sync agent.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Active Directory integration, the user can log into Microsoft Dynamics CRM using their Windows AD password, conforming to a single identity across both accounts. This also frees the user from having to remember different passwords for both accounts.

Effortless self-service password management

When users forget their Microsoft Dynamics CRM password, they can reset it by verifying their identity either with pre-defined security questions or a verification code sent to their mobile, email, or Google Authenticator. The user can also make use of the ADSelfService Plus Mobile App to manage their password on the go. In addition, the user does not need IT help desk assistance to accomplish this, thereby reducing the password management cost and increasing productivity.

Standardized password policy for IT hybrid environments

With ADSelfService Plus, the security offered by time-tested AD password policies can be extended to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When a Microsoft Dynamics CRM password is reset using ADSelfService Plus, compliance with the AD password policy guidelines is ensured. Alternatively, the password policy guidelines can be defined according to the organization’s need, which can then be applied to all connected systems and applications to maximize security.


  • Implements a secure, robust, and cost-effective unified identity solution, in no time.
  • Reduces a major source of help desk calls, and frees up IT administrators to focus on other important tasks.
  • Extends your corporate password complexity rules to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and all other connected systems.
  • Ensures that users' passwords for Microsoft Dynamics CRM accounts are changed periodically, in a time span deemed safe by the organization.
  • Makes end-users' lives easier by freeing them from having to remember copious passwords.

Sync AD password changes to Microsoft Dynamics Server accounts using ADSelfService Plus.

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