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Swizznet deploys ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus, the self-service password management tool, to effectively tackle password-related support tickets

CUSTOMER: Swizznet

INDUSTRY: E–Business/Services

LOCATION: California/Seattle

ABOUT THE COMPANY: Swizznet is a company authorized by Intuit to host QuickBooks in the cloud. Swizznet uses the latest Citrix cloud computing and most of its customers are drawn from the small and medium-sized enterprise segments.

“ADSelfService Plus has reduced our support tickets and calls by 100 per week, saving a ton of staff hours. The solution was very easy to deploy. We were up and running within 2 weeks. We love your product and are evaluating your other solutions as well.”

- Kristin Callan, Chief Operating Officer, Swizznet

Business Challenge

Swizznet set up a 24*7 help desk to cater to its large customer base. The help desk was designed as a one-stop shop to tackle the technical difficulties that customers faced with their online solutions. What Swizznet did not anticipate was the kind of support calls they would receive. Many of the support calls were either on forgotten or expired passwords. This affected the help desk team's productivity because it spent most of the time solving trivial issues.


Swizznet looked for a solution that will help its help desk team tackle tickets effectively and easily. The team evaluated ADSelfService Plus and found it most flexible and affordable among the other products on the market. After deploying ADSelfService Plus, Swizznet was able to reduce the support calls drastically, saving several staff hours. The company naturally steered towards increased productivity and better customer satisfaction.

Swizznet's chief operating officer was quite happy with the difference ADSelfService Plus made to the company. He was impressed with the support team's quick and prompt response. The deployment process was simple unlike other solutions and took very little time to set up. Overall, he felt ADSelfService Plus was a worthy investment.

Benefits of ADSelfService Plus

  • Update personal information on AD
  • Reduce critical password tickets
  • Notify users via email or SMS of their soon-to-expire passwords
  • Minimize help desk time and workload
  • Verifies identity via SMS or email-based and two-factor authentication
  • Generate user list and account status reports
  • Address identity management password challenges using self service

About ADSelfService Plus

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based password reset solution for domain users to reset passwords, unlock accounts, and update personal details in Active Directory. It automates password resets and account unlocks, eliminating the leading reasons for help desk calls.

About ManageEngine

ManageEngine provides a suite of powerful Enterprise Management products, including network utilization, performance, security, helpdesk management, email archive management and real-time QoS management among others, aimed at making your business more effective and efficient. With a wide array of products that can be easily integrated, enterprise wide optimization is easily possible. Complementary products provide users with the ability to choose and incorporate features that they need à la carte!

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