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Zendesk Active Directory Integration

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service platform designed for companies that wish to create customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive. It is the job of the administrators to ensure that the users have strong Zendesk passwords. Different passwords for Windows Active Directory and Zendesk will result in confusions in the long run. Managing users’ passwords for cloud-based application like Zendesk in addition to Windows Active Directory is bound to increase the workload on the administrators.

The optimal solution would be to synchronize your Zendesk passwords with your Windows Active Directory passwords. ManageEngine's ADSelfService Plus provides Real-time password sync for Zendesk and several other cloud and on-premises applications. By doing this, the security provided by the trusted and proven Active Directory domain password policy is extended to cover your Zendesk accounts too!

How to integrate Zendesk with Active Directory for Password Sync?

  • Users have to remember more number of passwords in a corporate setup. With different password complexity requirements in each application, remembering different set of passwords is a hassle for both users and administrators alike.
  • Password synchronizer changes the users Zendesk account passwords as and when their Windows Active Directory passwords change. This reduces the possibility of your Zendesk account being compromised to any hacking attempts.
  • The Users do not have stringent password requirements in Zendesk. Synchronizing them with Windows Active Directory password policies will provide the same level of security as your time-tested AD password policies.

Synchronize password between Windows AD and Zendesk

When users reset their passwords with ADSelfService Plus, the new password is automatically synchronized with the users Zendesk account. This ensures that the user can log on to Zendesk by remembering just his Windows AD password.

These way users can have a single identity across Windows AD and Zendesk. As a result, users are now free from having to remember different passwords for different accounts which translate to lower helpdesk calls for password reset!

Benefits of Zendesk Password Sync at a glance:

ADSelfService Plus’s Password Synchronizer for Zendesk will help you:

  • Reset passwords and unlock accounts directly from ADSelfService Plus
  • Implement a secure, robust, cost-effective one-identity solution in no time
  • Reduce the major source of helpdesk calls and free up IT administrators to focus on other important tasks
  • Extend Windows Active Directory password complexity rules to Zendesk and all other connected systems
  • Ensure that users’ passwords for Zendesk account are changed periodically in a timespan deemed safe by you
  • Make the life of end-users easier by freeing them from having to remember a multitude of passwords

Automate password sync across AD and Zendesk
with ADSelfService Plus.

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