Fine grained authorization

Allow your clients to help themselves and enhance team productivity.
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Fine-grained authorization in ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

Help desk administrators assign access permissions to their technicians based on the technician's role in the organization and the specific request they're working on. ServiceDesk Plus MSP gives you the ability to fine-tune the roles and associated access permissions you assign technicians. With its fine-grained authorization capability, your administrator can fully customize roles for specific operations.

Customized roles for help desk


Specify roles accurately. Gain greater administrative control.

  • Secure control over a technician's activities with personalized access permissions based on their role.
  • Amplify data security by keeping tabs on any modifications performed in the application.
  • Grant or roll back access permissions easily by checking or unchecking the selection box.
  • Fine-tune access permissions for every kind of action made on requests, including adding, editing, deleting, merging, or closing requests.
  • Specify access permissions for modifying request fields, including resolutions, notes, and time entries.