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Organize knowledge and lighten the load of your support team.
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What is a knowledge base for MSPs?

A knowledge base (kbase) is an organized repository of relevant data, structured with IT best practices and knowledge gained from practical experiences. A full-fledged kbase will help improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction. For MSPs, knowledge base management includes classifying and personalizing topics for each account, setting up restrictions on topics for technicians and client users, and providing relevant suggestions for incidents in the self service portal.

Why is a knowledge base important?

Technicians commonly receive requests to log tickets from clients. Managing such requests across all accounts can cause MSPs to lose a lot of productive time. A kbase makes it easy for end users to solve issues without raising a ticket, thereby lifting some weight off of the help desk. It also allows users to avoid long wait times, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

ServiceDesk Plus MSP for knowledge management.

Do your support agents spend hours logging tickets for clients or solving similar tickets over and over again? Here's what you need: a comprehensive kbase with unique features designed specifically for MSPs. With ServiceDesk Plus MSP, give your existing knowledge database a boost or build a new one from scratch with easy templates and resolutions from previously solved tickets. Your technicians can record the do's and don'ts learned for future reference while solving complex issues.

IT help desk kbase solutions


Build an easy-to-use kbase. Boost service management.

  • Organize resolutions as topics and categories for each account separately for effortless access.
  • Capture knowledge and record it for future use.
  • Create knowledge articles by adding new resolutions from tickets and problems directly to the kbase.
  • Tag solutions with keywords for quicker access during searches.

Provide accessibility according to need. Remove clutter and work with clarity.

  • Provide clients the selective solutions view in the self-service portal by controlling access permissions.
  • Find solutions easily with relevant keywords.
  • Personalize the solutions view by choosing the number of knowledge items to be displayed at once.
Provide solutions in self service portal


Access permissions




Approve kbase solutions


Define an approval process for solutions. Keep it clean and authentic.

  • Prompt technicians with an approval process for solutions using rules.
  • Email solutions to experts for a second opinion and approval.
  • Follow up on the approval status of each solution.
  • Alter solutions and re-submit for approval, if required.