Field and Form Rules & Custom Triggers

Dynamic forms to guide users to enter relevant information.
Field and form rules for custom request forms

Validate user forms and perform predefined actions.

  • Enable or disable, mandate or non-mandate, show or hide fields and execute custom script based on predefined criteria.
  • Create rules during any of these events: On-form load, on field change and on-form submit.
  • Validate the time period of any request or change using date validation script.
  • Prevent incomplete request submissions by prompting the users for inputs.

Trigger an action on external applications using custom triggers.

  • Send custom email notifications and keep your users informed.
  • Instantly check the status of the assets by creating custom ping tests.
  • Automatically create child request based on the specific field value in the parent request.
  • Set "due by" time of any request based on SLA configuration
Custom triggers to invoke an action on external applications