Service catalog

Create a menu of IT services for efficient service delivery.
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What is a service catalog?

An MSP service catalog showcases the services you offer your clients. It describes each service with relevant details and allows clients to choose from a list, reducing the number of email exchanges between your support agents and clients and saving productive time.

There are two main kinds of catalogs used in catalog management: business service catalogs and technical service catalogs. The former lists IT services offered to end users, like hardware replacements and software installations, while the latter focuses on back-end IT services, such as software patching and firewall upgrades.

Why are IT service catalogs important?

As an MSP, your technicians have their hands full managing service delivery for multiple clients. Responding to emails and creating and following up on requests on behalf of clients, on top of everyday tasks, can be exasperating. Creating a service catalog documenting the range of services your IT service desk offers ensures an automated and effortless service ordering process.

Service catalog in ServiceDesk Plus MSP.

When you offer a wide range of IT services, browsing through the list of available services and finding the best suited ones is challenging for clients. With this in mind, ServiceDesk Plus MSP lets you organize your services into service categories and publish them as a service catalog in the clients' self service portal. You can also create customized workflows and automated processes, and associate appropriate tasks and SLAs with services to quickly fulfill client requests.

MSP service catalog template


Categorize and define your IT services. Make way for easy request logging.

  • Group services into service categories for quick browsing.
  • Add custom forms and service templates so that users can create service requests easily.
  • Create custom fields in text, numeric, date, or time formats to collect accurate request details.
  • Publish customized service templates in your clients' self-service portal.
  • Specify customer access to services by defining relevant user groups.

Optimize team productivity with automated workflows. Deliver services promptly.

  • Associate predefined tasks with service requests and speed up the request process.
  • Create rules to automatically organize and trigger tasks in a service request.
  • Configure approval workflows and SLAs for each account.
  • Take advantage of multiple levels of escalation in case of SLA violation to ensure faster request fulfillment.
  • Add up to five levels of service request approval with multiple approvers in each level.
  • Automatically assign technicians to requests before or after the service request is approved.
  • Receive real-time reports on service request response times, resolved SLAs, backlogs, and more.
Service catalog request workflow