Pricing FAQs for SupportCenter Plus version 11.0 and above

SupportCenter Plus Support Pricing FAQs for SupportCenter Plus 11.0


What is the Portal in SupportCenter Plus?

The Business Units feature in SupportCenter Plus is renamed as Portal in SupportCenter Plus version 11.0. A portal in SupportCenter Plus is a customer support division/vertical that can have its own set of configurations and processes, specific to a product or service.

For example, to manage support for Product A and Product B effectively, an organization can launch two different portals in SupportCenter Plus, one for each product. Each of these portals can be on a different edition of SupportCenter Plus; the portal for Product A can be on the Standard edition, and the portal for product B can be on the Enterprise edition of SupportCenter Plus. Each of these portals can have its own set of support representatives, users, templates, automation, customizations, and so on.

How has licensing changed?
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Can I choose a different edition for a new portal?
You provide free access for a designated number of support representatives in each edition of SupportCenter Plus. Can I have multiple portals all using this free access allotment of support representatives?
How much does technical support cost?
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