System Manager

Effectively administering computers within an organization requires a substantial workforce. Remote Access Plus provides robust system management utilities that afford you precise oversight of your networked computers, allowing you to connect to a client computer's Command Prompt, Registry, Event Viewer, and numerous other functions, all without the need to initiate a remote session on the end users' computer.

Track process and services:

Using a remote Task Manager Tool offers the capability to terminate or halt active processes on the target device, providing enhanced control and management. Additionally, it enables task organization by categorizing tasks according to the users present on the remote computer. Furthermore, this tool allows for the convenient export of a comprehensive Task Manager report in various formats such as PDF, CSV, or XLSX, facilitating efficient data analysis and documentation.

Remotely schedule your tasks:

Utilizing a remote Task Scheduler Tool empowers you to efficiently manage tasks on your device. You can initiate, terminate, deactivate, or remove tasks with ease. Furthermore, this tool facilitates the sorting of tasks according to their current status, enhancing your task organization and control.

Remotely access Windows command prompt:

A remote Command Prompt is a vital tool for troubleshooting from afar. It provides in-depth device insights and allows for error fixes with simple commands, even when user applications crash. With Remote Access Plus, you can access and run commands on remote computers directly from a web console, no remote session required.

Remotely access and manipulate registry values:

Remote Registry is a powerful tool that empowers technicians to modify essential Windows Registry parameters, enabling system administrators and IT help desk professionals to efficiently troubleshoot and resolve problems on remote computers, all from a centralized location. With Remote Access Plus - Remote Registry, it becomes remarkably easy to pinpoint and analyze issues impacting system performance with the highest level of precision.

With file manager, access and manage files and folders:

Remote Access Plus offers a File Manager Tool designed to empower technicians with the ability to remotely access and navigate through the entire array of files and directories on any computer within the network.

Remotely Access Windows event log viewer:

Through the utilization of the Remote Event Viewer feature, users are empowered to seamlessly monitor system configuration changes, hardware and software activities, and perform in-depth analysis of log files, allowing for the swift identification of disparities between security concerns and operational matters.

Windows device manager to manage hardware devices, printers, installed software and more:

Gain comprehensive insight into the hardware and driver inventory of endpoints within your network through the use of Remote Device Manager. With Remote Access Plus, you can seamlessly access the entire device manager of a remote Windows computer, enabling you to conveniently assess and control the status of hardware and drivers directly from your web-based console.

Remotely Rename Computers:

Irrespective of the cause, renaming your computers can be a laborious and time-consuming task, especially when dealing with machines located in various branch offices worldwide. Fortunately, with the Computer Rename feature in Remote Access Plus, you can efficiently rename your computers, regardless of their geographic locations, in just a few simple steps.

Remotely Execute Commands via PowerShell and Terminal:

Efficiently manage systems by executing remote commands through advanced scripts in Windows PowerShell, and seamlessly interact with Linux and Windows operating systems using text-based commands via Terminal. Empower automation and streamline task execution by creating and running scripts to enhance productivity and system management.


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