Patch Connect Plus Architecture

Patch Connect Plus is a web-based software application which enables Microsoft SCCM to patch third-party applications. Patch Connect Plus automatically publishes the patches of selected applications to SCCM from where it can be deployed to the required computers.

Patch Connect Plus allows management with Microsoft SCCM and Intune at any given instance. The architecture diagrams for both modes of operation are as follows:

Communication between Central Repository and Patch Connect Plus

The Central Repository is a portal in the ManageEngine site, which hosts the latest vulnerability database that has been released after thorough testing. Patch Connect Plus periodically synchronizes this information and ensures that the latest patches are available for publishing to SCCM. The communication between Patch Connect Plus and the central repository is through the Proxy Server or a direct connection to the internet. 

Working of Patch Connect Plus

Patch Connect Plus allows you to select the required 3rd party applications, the patches of which will be automatically pushed to WSUS Server. The patches of the selected third-party applications are downloaded from the vendor site for publishing to the SCCM server. The patches are then pushed to the SCCM Server and published. The published patches can then be deployed to the required computers from the SCCM Console.