Native SCCM Plug-in


Download a native plug-in for SCCM

Avoid searching every nook and cranny of the software library for third-party updates.The Native SCCM Plug-in from Patch Connect Plus obtains a list of third-party updates in a separate tab in the SCCM console. It also displays a complete report on client systems to help you easily distinguish which machines are missing patches.

Features of the Native SCCM Plug-in include:

  1. A complete list of third-party updates.

    The Native SCCM plug-in provides information on every available third-party update in its own tab, so you won't have to filter through the complete list of software updates.
  2. Deployment of non-Microsoft applications.

    Facilitate deployment of third-party applications using the Native SCCM Plug-in. This includes scheduling regular scans, getting vulnerability information, and deploying patches to the managed endpoints.
  3. Complete reports on client machines.

    This plug-in provides complete system-based reports on all machines in the network. Users can easily find which endpoints are missing patches.

Figure 1:Native SCCM Plug-in

Scenario 1

I want to see a list showing which machines have third-party patches installed on them and which machines are missing patches.

Solution: The Native SCCM Plug-in provides a complete report on client systems where all the computers for which patches are missing or installed are displayed along with a summary of all endpoints.

Scenario 2

Is there an option to deploy third-party patches directly from the Patch Connect Plus tab in the SCCM console?

Solution: Yes, third-party patches can be deployed directly from the Patch Connect Plus tab. All of SCCM's features work as usual with this plug-in.

Scenario 3

It gets tedious searching for third-party updates under All software updates in Microsoft SCCM. What's a better solution?

Solution: After configuring the Native SCCM Plug-in, you can find updates in the Patch Connect Plus tab in the Microsoft SCCM console where every available third-party update will be listed.