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SharePoint Manager Plus offers capabilities to monitor, audit, and manage hybrid environment viz., both on-premises and Microsoft 365 servers, from a single console. This solution comes in two editions to meet the requirements of small and midsize businesses as well as large enterprises.

Both the versions are licensed annually based on number of farms or number of Microsoft 365 tenants.

No of Farms / Microsoft 365 Tenants Standard Edition Professional Edition
1 Farm / Microsoft 365 Tenant US$945 US$1,195
2 Farms / Microsoft 365 Tenants US$1,545 US$2,145
3 Farms / Microsoft 365 Tenants US$2,145 US$2,995
5 Farms / Microsoft 365 Tenants US$3,595 US$4,795
7 Farms / Microsoft 365 Tenants US$4,795 US$5,995
10 Farms / Microsoft 365 Tenants US$5,995 US$7,195
15 Farms / Microsoft 365 Tenants US$7,195 US$8,395
20 Farms / Microsoft 365 Tenants US$8,395 US$9,595
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No of Farms / Microsoft 365 Standard Edition Professional Edition
Starting @ US$795 US$995

Compare Editions

SharePoint Manager Plus is available in two editions - Standard and Professional. Know the exhaustive feature wise comparison of the two editions from the below table.

Features Standard Professional
Limitations on number of farms No No
SharePoint Reporting
Permission report for SharePoint sites, lists, folders, and files Tick Tick
Predefined statistics report for SharePoint components Tick Tick
SharePoint activity reports Tick Tick
Reports on SharePoint groups and users Tick Tick
Out-of-the-box Microsoft 365 SharePoint reports Tick Tick
Reports that track SharePoint component changes Tick Tick
Prepackaged reports for critical security changes Tick Tick
SharePoint user group change auditing reports Tick Tick
Prebundled reports for Microsoft 365 SharePoint auditing Tick Tick
Reports to monitor file and folder changes Tick Tick
Capability to schedule reports and build custom reports Tick Tick
SharePoint Auditing
Ability to enable audit settings of site collections Tick Tick
Instant email alerts for critical changes Tick Tick
Custom alert profile building Tick Tick
SharePoint Management
Ability to manage SharePoint permissions Cross Tick
Capability to manage SharePoint groups and users Cross Tick
Reports on operational logs for management functions Cross Tick
Ability to manage site collection administrator accounts. Cross Tick
SharePoint Migration
Migration between sites irrespective of the SharePoint environment (on-premise or Microsoft 365). Cross Tick
The option to granularly select and migrate site objects, users, and groups. Cross Tick
Import files from your file systems or network drives to SharePoint or Microsoft 365. Cross Tick
Migrate selected files and folders with Copy Site Contents between SharePoint environments (on-premises or Microsoft 365). Cross Tick
Log Archival
Ability to archive audit log data for custom time period Tick Tick
Price starts at US$945 US$1,195
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