Measure, Track, analyse your progress with insightful reports:

Your entire vulnerability management program becomes futile if you can't evaluate your efforts and understand your security stance. Vulnerability manager Plus brings you massive collection of pre-defined, insightful reports that you can use to scrutinize your network security, communicate risks, track progress and report on security regulations to executives. These reports comes in different formats to cater to your needs. You can also schedule reports to security executives, administrators and enterprise risk management teams with just a click from the console.

Executive reports - Gain holistic view into your network at a glance

Executive asset summary:

Get an overview of the assets you manage and insights on critical assets that should be prioritized.

Executive vulnerability summary:

The executive vulnerability summay report helps you gain detailed information on vulnerabilities, security misconfigurations, high risk softwares, vulnerable ports and webserver flaws in your network.

Executive patch summary:

Executive patch summary report provides an overview of missing patches and deployments that help you track the measures taken to safeguard your enterprise.

Threat priority report:

The threat priority report gives you a prioritized list of the assets, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other threats that are more likely to be exploited and needs immediate attention.

Pre-defined reports - Dig a level deeper into your security exposure.

Patch reports:

Vulnerable patches:

This report displays a list of all the missing patches in the network and details on affected systems for every patch that is listed.

Supported patches:

This report delivers details on all the patches released by Microsoft Corporation irrespective of whether these patches have a relation to your network or not. This report will be of absolute use when you plan to upgrade the systems in your network by installing the latest applications/ updates available for the application.

Missing patches awaiting approval:

This report will list down all the tested patches that are missing in your endpoints but have not been approved for deployment.

Remote office patch summary:

The Remote Office Patch Summary Report lists down the number of missing patches, installed patches, applicable patches, healthy systems, vulnerable systems, highly vulnerable systems and managed computers by your remote offices.

System reports:

Vulnerable systems:

The Vulnerable Systems Report gives away the details of the healthy and vulnerable systems in your network. You can drill-down the report to get the application wise vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other threats.

Systems requiring reboot:

After applying patches, there are always a number of machines that need a reboot but users do not always log off and switch off at the end of the day . This report will list down all the systems in which reboot has to be scheduled.

Configuration reports:

Configuration by computer:

This report lists down the details about deployments to each computer. It has a filter option which can be used to get customized data depending upon the domain and the applied time.

Configuration by type:

This report lists down the details about deployments based on types such as patch deployment, configuration changes, etc. r. It has a filter option which can be used to get customized data depending upon the domain and the applied time.

Schedule reports:

This feature helps you schedule report generation to your business needs. Once configured, you will get regular updates via mail, so that you can stay aware of your security posture without having to login to the console.

Customizable query reports:

Vulnerability Manager Plus provides an ability to retrieve the required information from the database using the Query Report. This might be useful in cases where you are not able to get the required information from the Canned reports. You may have to provide the SQL Query and create the report. The report can be saved for future reference and / or exported to CSV format for further processing.