Dennis Drogseth
Dennis Drogseth,
Vice-President, EMA (Enterprise Management Associates)

Dennis joined EMA in 1998 and currently manages the New Hampshire office. He has been a driving force in establishing EMA’s New England presence. Dennis brings over thirty years of experience in various aspects of marketing and business planning for service management solutions. He supports EMA through leadership in Business Service Management (BSM), CMDB Systems, automation systems and service-centric financial optimization. Dennis also works across practice areas to promote dialogs across critical areas of technology and market interdependencies. Prior to this, Dennis helped to build the network management practice area at EMA.

Evelyn Hubbert
Evelyn Hubbert ,
Senior Analyst, Forrester

Evelyn serves Infrastructure & Operations professionals. Covering IT systems management, her current research focuses on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the implementation of IT service management from a holistic or partial perspective, business service management (BSM), and many other aspects of IT operations.

Evelyn delivers strategic guidance to Forrester's vendor and end user clients. She helps enterprises to manage their networks and systems, define key projects focusing on IT service management, and bridge IT to the lines of business. Evelyn has more than 20 years of experience working with IT organizations in the definition and development of the IT service delivery processes and the implementation of IT service management as a practice inside enterprise organizations.

Evelyn came to Forrester from Hewlett-Packard. Most recently, she was the director of competitive intelligence and value delivery chain program manager in the HP OpenView organization. Prior to her work in HP Software, she worked as an IT consultant inside HP's IT organization.

A native of Germany, Evelyn has a master's degree in computer information systems from Colorado State University.

Christina Ann Ritzema
Christina Ann Ritzema,
Systems Admin, HugoBoss

Christina Ritzema currently works for HugoBoss in Savannah, Georgia since December 2005. She has advanced from basic desktop support and networking to a systems administrator for Windows, Linux, and Unix servers. She gained a wealth of knowledge in databases and data analysis. Recently, she played a role in implementing a VMWare system, Disaster Recovery Plan and current administrator of their IBM TSM backup system as well as the administrator of the ManageEngine Applications Manager. HugoBoss has been using Applications Manager since 2008. She also teaches online business classes at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah. Education background includes a Bachelors Business Degree in Computer Related Information Systems and a Masters Degree in Management of Information Systems from Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville, Georgia.

Darren Qualls
Darren Qualls,

Darren Qualls has more than 20 years experience in Global Information Systems Management and Consulting. He has been published twice for his extensive knowledge in achieving successful analysis, design and user satisfaction in global implementations of IT systems. A former “Big 3” consultant, Darren founded and grew his own firm for six years before reentering the corporate world. He spent the next 12 years architecting and running worldwide IT organizations for public companies as large at $600M. Darren has extensive experience in all phases of IT management including ERP implementations, Corporate Performance Management, Global Network Architecture, Design and Implementation, Video Conferencing/Telepresence, IT Service Delivery and Management, project management and Business Analysis. Darren may be reached at

Recent Recap

Most Recently as Global Director of Information Technology at a Fiber Optic Component manufacturer, Darren supported corporate growth of more than 400% in three years. During this time, he re-architected the entire Global IT infrastructure. By utilizing a virtual cloud methodology and implementing efficient networking configurations, he was able to support more than 4500 employees with more than 95% of them in Far East Asia. He architected a 9 Terabyte data analysis system to support manufacturing process and failure analysis for improvements in the manufacturing process. MFG line efficiency systems developed by him and his team offer the ability to analyze which lines and personnel are meeting capacity and efficiency requirements based on analysis of data from 7 disparate systems and returning the analysis data in a tool management can use to determine corrective actions. Support of these systems is managed globally through use of preemptive monitoring systems.

Lead-In Statement

“When you support 4500 users and only have 26 global IT staff, having effective monitoring systems is the only way to provide management the visibility of system uptime. In the current economy, our IT budgets are going away. This year alone the IT capital budget was cut to less than 50% of last year. Being able to show ‘C’ level management the risks of not keeping major systems within the expected duty cycle and upgrading them to achieve the performance demanded of today’s systems, you must have a way to track and report that data. Users will always blame IT systems as the reason they don’t get something done. I’ll show you how to use tools like IT-360 to put the pressure back on them and stop the finger pointing at IT.”

Mark Blevins
Mark Blevins,
Helpdesk Administrator & Change Control Manager,
Toyota Boshoku America (TBA)

Mark has worked for TBA for over 7 years, working in areas from Plant Support and Operations Support to his current role as Change Control Manager / Help Desk Administrator. He also works with the Infrastructure Group, IT Planning and Software Support. The last 3 years, he has been working with TBA to move towards ITIL standards using ServiceDesk Plus and other ManageEngine Products. He has implemented ServiceDesk Plus throughout all TBA and all group companies in the U.S , Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Mark has developed, documented and implemented the processes for Change Control, New Hires/Terminations/Transfers, Requests for Access to Network Resources/Applications/Software and Contract and License Management using the ServiceDesk Plus application. He has also developed training documentation and conducted training for TBA and all Group Companies on these processes and the use of ServiceDesk Plus.

Mark has over 17 years of experience in the IT field in a wide range of areas. Before that he spent 13 years in the Armed Forces in the U.S. He served the Army Intelligence Corps working the last 5 years in the automation of Intelligence products for mass dissemination to all Intelligence elements using computers systems, Developing the system (All Source Analysis Systems), deploying it across the Army and training on its use.

Darren Qualls
Glenn Haar,
IT Resource Manager,
Information Technology, Idaho State Tax Commission

Glenn Haar is an IT Resource Manager providing over 40+ IT Services to the Idaho State Tax Commission. Glenn has particular interest in IT service management having spent nearly 30 years delivering various different development, operations, security, technical support, service management and integration services to IT customers. Glenn started his career with a bachelor’s degree in Information Science and has been recognized over the years by Hewlett-Packard with a Technology Award for Technology Integration, listed in United Who’s Who Registry of Executives and Professionals, and the International Who’s Who of Information Technology. He has been using ManageEngine Service Desk for the last couple of years.

Darren Qualls
Joe Walter,
Chief Information Officer
Remke Markets

Joe Walter is the Chief Information Officer for Remke Markets, an independent grocery chain in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. He has been in that role for almost 10 years and has over 30 years experience in the IT field. Prior to that, Mr. Walter spent numerous years in consulting, helping a variety of organizations improve the effectiveness of their IT investment. Mr. Walter has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati. Remke has been a customer of ManageEngine for over six years and uses a wide variety of ManageEngine products.

Aaron Bockelie
Aaron Bockelie,
Warner Bros

Aaron manages enterprise development applications for small to mid size game studios. He has implemented tools ranging from process workflow management and source code repository systems, to communication and collaboration environments and helpdesk application integrations. Aaron has previously bootstrapped applications for development teams at studios such as Oberon Games and Loose Cannon Studios. Recently, he has been working on process and policy integration for enterprise applications at WB Games in Seattle, Washington. Aaron has been using ServiceDesk for the last few years since Release 6.

Sean Freeman
Sean Freeman, CEA,
AVP IT, Field Asset Services

Sean serves as the AVP over Technology Infrastructure and Business Process Improvement. He delivers strategic guidance and drives implementation for FAS, which is the largest REO and Property Preservation Company in the world. FAS has doubled their size each year for the past 5 years to become a 500 million dollar organization in 2010.

Sean came to FAS from Northrop Grumman, where he was an Enterprise Architect, and worked consulting a wide range of Organizations from SMB to Enterprise, delivering Best Practices, Process Improvement, and Frameworks to enable the discovery of risk and opportunities, utilizing technology as an input and competitive advantage in their respective markets. Sean has 20 years of experience with integrating technology and business to create synergistic environments that deliver.

Christopher K Burg
Christopher K Burg,
Team Leader – IT System Management,
American Transmission Company

Christopher leads the System Management team for American Transmission Co, which is responsible for data center operations, including all server and storage infrastructure, as well as client hardware, desktop support and the Service Desk. Mr. Burg has 15 years of experience in IT Service Management and support.

ATC owns, operates, builds and maintains the high-voltage electric transmission system serving portions of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois. Formed in 2001 as the nation’s first multi-state transmission-only utility, ATC has invested $2.2 billion to improve the adequacy and reliability of its infrastructure. ATC now is a $2.75 billion company with 9,400 miles of transmission lines and 510 substations. The company is a member of the Midwest ISO regional transmission organization, and provides nondiscriminatory service to all customers, supporting effective competition in energy markets without favoring any market participant. For more information, visit our Web site at

Raj Sabhlok,
President, ManageEngine

Raj Sabhlok is the President of Zoho Corp (ManageEngine is a division of Zoho Corp). Raj has particular interest in IT management software having spent nearly 20 years at Companies like Embarcadero Technologies, BMC Software and The Santa Cruz Operation (SCO). In his career, Raj has held technical, marketing, sales and executive management positions. Most recently, Raj was the CEO of Embarcadero Technologies. Raj has a bachelors degree in mathematics and a masters in business administration.

Presentation Title:

About ManageEngine


ManageEngine has evolved over the past decade into one of the most comprehensive providers of state-of-the-art IT management software. From desktops to servers and databases to applications, ManageEngine wants to be your trusted partner for ensuring the performance and availability of your critical IT infrastructure. These are exciting times for ManageEngine as we continue to grow our product offerings, customers and innovation. Whether you need a quick-hitting Windows management tool or an integrated IT management solution to manage your enterprise, ManageEngine can meet your requirements. Join Raj, as he shares his views on ManageEngine's business and product strategy and how ManageEngine can help make IT more strategic within your company.

Alex D. Paul,
Director ITSM, ManageEngine

Alex D. Paul is the Director of ITSM range of products at ManageEngine. He has helped customers around the world implement ITIL. As a Product Manager and consultant, Alex has hands-on experience on what happens in IT trenches and brings expertise from practical customer implementations. He is also the author of the popular "ITIL Heroes Handbook."

Presentation Title:

Be A Game Changer with ManageEngine

Sridhar Iyengar,
Vice President, Product Management, ManageEngine

Sridhar Iyengar is the Vice President, Product Management at ManageEngine, a division of ZOHO Corporation. He is responsible for building IT Management Solutions for mid and large markets. He has spent around 15 years in the Network Management industry, building products and solutions for Telecom Carriers, OEM, Enterprise and Service Providers. Prior to ZOHO, he worked at the Indian Institute of Technology (Madras) on India's first indigenous Wireless Access Telecom System.

Presentation Title:

Integrated IT Management: The Time has come for a Single View of IT


Businesses view IT as a key strategic asset, yet are often frustrated when the performance and business value of key IT components such as applications, networks, storage, servers and databases can only be monitored and managed independently using siloed IT management tools. As businesses seek the holy grail of measurable Return On IT through “a single pane of glass” that spans all IT domains, a new and powerful class of integrated IT management solutions has emerged. ManageEngine IT360 is a truly integrated solution that gives IT and business managers a 360 degree view of key performance and service level indicators to manage IT against real business outcomes.

Gibu Kurian Mathew,
Program Manager, Performance Management Solutions, ManageEngine

Gibu Kurian Mathew has been with ZOHO Corp for over 10 Years and is the Program Manager for the Application Performance Management Solutions. He has extensive experience in building products and SaaS services in the systems and applications management domain. While traveling, he loves cooking!

Presentation Title:

What's cooking in ManageEngine - Sneak Preview


The presentation will be focused on what you can expect from your IT Management Vendor in the Year 2011. It will give pointers to how ManageEngine will help cover new technology areas for IT Teams. The presentation will also cover specific new capabilities that are coming in various ManageEngine products.

Eric Wegner
Mason Hering,
Account Executive, ManageEngine

Mason Hering helps lead our US sales efforts for ManageEngine. Mr. Hering has close to 10 years experience as an account executive in the IT industry selling hardware, software, and SaaS solutions for companies like Dell, Google, and of course ManageEngine. Mason has worked with a full range of clients of all sizes from Fortune 100 companies down to small mom-and-pop businesses. During his free time, Mason enjoys watching or participating in a variety of sports including Basketball, Football, Baseball, and Rugby.

Arvind Parthiban
Arvind Parthiban,
ITSM Consultant, ManageEngine

Arvind Parthiban is the ITSM Consultant & Marketing Analyst for ServiceDesk Plus at ManageEngine. As a trainer/consultant he has had the opportunity to sit through complete implementation processes in various environments around the globe seeing many real-time issues faced by the IT administrators. He has also shared immense knowledge in his blogs ( He is also the author of the popular "When reality Hits ITIL implementations" white paper.

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