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Forrester said:

"As the complexity of virtualization is becoming obvious, however, continued expansion threatens to hamper productivity and service reliability. Like every technology that has come before it, the route to success with virtualization lies in solid, standardized processes and management software to "automate and govern the execution of these processes." from "Managing The Virtual World Is An "Evolution, Not A Revolution" by Glenn O'Donnell and Rachel A. Dines with Robert Whiteley and "Alex Crumb, Forrester (April 22, 2010).

We took it to heart

Automate VM Management | Manage VM Automation | Anyway, you want it

What can you get out of our Virtualization software?

  • You can buy what you want - VMware or HyperV. We will manage it for you. (Psst...we're also adding support for Citrix Xenservers)
  • You can get any report you want from your virtual infrastructure. (We have got some deep roots called API integration)
  • You don't need separate tools to monitor/configure/manage your physical and virtual IT infrastructure. (Hint: Single dashboards)
  • And that includes network devices, servers, applications, bandwidth, VoIP, NCCM and so much more
  • We will let you know of things going down before your users report them.
  • You can monitor your network from anywhere you like. (even from your smartphones)
  • Our pricing is the cherry on top. (no hidden charges, annual subscription or one time purchase)
  • Have a problem? Ask support. It's free, even during evaluation.

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Integrated IT Management with dashboards for complete IT infrastructure & service management

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Network, Server and Virtualization Monitoring Software

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Applications Manager

Business Applications, Servers and Multi-Vendor Virtualization monitoring Software

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If you are a CIO, we will help you

  • Break technology silos and get a unified view of IT across virtualized infrastructures.
  • Know how a problem in your virtualized environment impacts your business.
  • Understand current capacity and anticipate future growth of IT within your organization.

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If you are a Network Administrator, we will help you

  • Visualize your Virtual environment LIVE with up-to-date status and relationships of Hosts, VMs, and datastores.
  • Monitor VM/Host health and performance for 100s of metrics so that you get notified before Restart/Suspend/Shutdown VMs based on workflows that trigger automatically on select failure conditions reducing your mean-time-to-repair considerably.

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If you are an Application or Server Administrator, we will help you with

  • Monitor a private cloud running VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V. Virtualization Monitoring and Capacity Planning.
  • Monitor not just the VMs, but 50+ applications on it. Includes support for VMware vFabric Applications.
  • Provision VMs based on application health.
  • Measure end user experience pre and post a virtualization project.

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Customer Speaks

"With the new ability within OpManager to monitor our VMware ESXi hosts, we now have a quick portal to check in on our virtual machines/hosts and our physical servers as well, from one simple interface,"
"To be able to glance at the CPU/Memory/Disk usage/etc. saves time and the fact that we can create email alerts helps us maintain continuous service. With this latest feature and other products such as ServiceDesk Plus and Desktop Central, ManageEngine has provided us with all the tools we need to properly administer the computer (software/hardware) infrastructure of our credit union."

- Ryon Brubaker, Information Systems Manager at Kemba Credit Union Inc.

"I'm pleased to see ManageEngine continually advancing the capabilities of Applications Manager as the needs of information technology professionals are always evolving,"
"Virtualization is certainly of interest to us, but history shows that managing virtualized resources separately is not the best approach. We don't want to create management silos. ManageEngine Applications Manager is providing IT with the power to monitor virtualized environments within the context of their broader network infrastructure. This is the best approach."

- Muthu Kumar, Information Technology, Tata Consultancy Services.