Preventing security misconfigurations

Most of the times, security configurations of network systems are not managed, improperly configured or left as default. There might be chances for default credentials, inactive/disabled firewall and antivirus, elevated privileges, and open shares that might arise security concerns.

In order to reduce the attack surface, Vulnerability Manager Plus continuously monitors all the systems in your network for security misconfigurations and offers a way to resolve the same without impacting critical operations.

Steps to resolve security misconfigurations:

  1. Start the Vulnerability Manager Plus console.
  2. Navigate to Threats> System Misconfigurations.
  3. Click on a misconfiguration to view its cause and impact and also information on the secure configuration that will be deployed.
  4. Click on "Deploy Secure Configuration" to resolve and replace the misconfiguration with the secure configuration mentioned in the description. If a secure configuration is likely to cause any issue in your network operations, it will be displayed in an alert box while deploying the secure configuration. This helps you to safely deploy security configurations without affecting your productivity.

Note: Sometimes, security settings might be inappropriately configured in Domain GPO and can't be overridden from the console. To manually resolve these misconfigurations, refer these articles.

You can also track the status of security configuration deployments from Deployment> Security Configurations.