Real-Time Website Analytics

Static web analytics are passé. We are in an era where trends change at the speed of thought. You should be able to track and react to the changing trends as soon as possible if you don't want to miss out on possible opportunities. You must have access to up-to-the-minute data. WebAnalyzer Plus does exactly that - it tracks visitors to your website in real-time and gives you live data about every visitor who is currently on your website at this very moment. Armed with real-time data, you can easily identify what content is currently trending and quickly respond to changes in visitors’ behavior.

WebAnalyzer Plus captures and presents to you comprehensive real-time information about all the visitors who are currently active on your website. The information includes:

  • Total number of visitors on your website right now.
  • Webpages that are currently being viewed and number of views for each webpage.
  • Geo-location of your active visitors.
  • Device, Operating System and Browser used by active visitors, and number of views for each category.
  • The source (referrer) from which your active visitors arrived on your website.

Track Website Visitors in Real-Time

WebAnalyzer Plus makes it easy for you to get details of any particular visitor who is active on your website right now. With real-time visitor tracking, you can get all the necessary details such as visitor history, geo-location, platform, etc., for a particular user and compare it with the user’s historical statistics immediately to understand the change in behavior.

Real-Time Website Performance Monitoring

Is your website good enough to handle traffic spikes? How fast do your webpages load? Which webpage loads the fastest and which one loads the slowest? Answer to all these questions can be easily acquired from WebAnalyzer Plus’s real-time speed map. The speed map will give you an overview of your website’s overall speed and also the average load time of each and every webpage. With real-time data about your website’s speed, you can ensure that your website loads quickly and efficiently and in turn ensure a positive experience for the visitors. This data also helps you prevent yoru website from stutters or going down because of unexpected spike in traffic.