Free Windows SNMP Enabler - Documents

The Free Windows SNMP Enabler helps start/stop the SNMP service in remote Windows machines. When the SNMP service is not available in the remote machine, the administrators can install & enable the SNMP service for that machine.

Getting Started

Add hosts individually

Key in the host name or IP address in the text field to add the server. It will be added in the table.

Add hosts in bulk

Import a list of servers from text file and upload it into the tool. The list of servers will be added in the table. List the device names (in the text file) one below the other without any line spacing.

Note: While adding devices of multiple domains, select the devices of each domain & provide the authentication credentials for each domain.

Enable in batches

Select batch counts while enabling SNMP service for a number of devices. The effiiciency of the enabling process can be improved and maintained by managing the thread counts generated (by selecting batch counts).

Select/unselect the hosts

Select the check box against the host name of the server to enable the SNMP Service. Unselect option is also available.

Start/stop the SNMP service

Start or Stop the SNMP service by providing the following credentials:

  • Domain name
  • User name
  • Password

Connect to the Windows machine to enable/stop the SNMP service for that machine.

Abort the tools execution

Abort SNMP installing/starting/stopping process.

Table view

The table updates the process of each machine simultaneously.

  • Server Name - The column displays the server name or IP address
  • Connection - Displays whether respective machine is connected or not. It will be displaying either of the two statuses
  • SNMP Service - Displays whether specific machine contains SNMP service or not. If available, the tool starts the SNMP service and if not available, the tool enables the SNMP service on the respective machine
    • Available - SNMP service is available in the machine and can be started
    • Not available - SNMP service is not available in the machine and can be enabled/installed
    • N/A - Tool is not connected to the machine
  • Status - The column displays the status of the SNMP service whether service is configured or not for the processed host. The status N/A indicates that the tool is not connected to the machine.
    • The status of the SNMP service in the machine is represented using color codes.
    • Gray - This indicates the status of the client machine is in "Default" mode. Default mode is the unprocessed state of the SNMP service. The gray icon could also mean that the tool is not connected to the machine.
    • Green - This indicates that either the SNMP service is available already or installed and enabled or started successfully on the host.
    • Red - This indicates that the SNMP service is unable to install or enable on the respective host.

Save option

Save the logs from the tool and also the final status of the SNMP services on the machines. It will be saved under bin/user selected directory.

  • Save the Log details for the latest, most recently processed hosts.
  • Also, save the final status of SNMP service (i.e. SNMP service is configured or not) only.

All the data will be saved based on date & time.