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Five AD management and IT security challenges that keep admins up at night.

ManageEngine conducted a global survey to uncover the various Active Directory (AD) and IT security issues admins face. This survey separates the myths from the facts, providing valuable insights to help you solve complex IT issues, and improve the overall security posture of your organization. This survey’s findings will challenge some long-held assumptions about AD management and IT security and help you improve your organization’s IT administration overall.

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User onboarding


of admins use multiple tools to create user accounts in different platforms.


of admins face data entry errors when manually entering user information across different platforms.


of admins find it difficult to deal with duplicated usernames during name creation.

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Password management


of admins feel like they still get too many password reset calls.


of admins have employed a lenient password policy to combat the issue of too many reset calls.


of admins bought third-party password synchronization tools to help users overcome their password fatigue.

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Account lockouts


of admins say forgotten passwords are the main reason users get locked out of their systems.


of admins cite stale logon credentials cached in their users' control panel as the primary cause of account lockouts.


of admins find it difficult to deal with duplicated usernames during user creation.

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Compliance and auditing


of admins focus on auditing AD objects to achieve tight security and compliance.


of admins consider database and web server auditing paramount for being compliant with various industry mandates.


of admins achieve tight security by keeping track of the activities unfolding on their network perimeter devices.


of admins have auditing of Active Directory, web servers, databases, and network devices as the most critical item on their security compliance checklist.

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About AD360

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