The first password breach occurred almost immediately after password authentication was first used in computers back in 1961.

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Password authentication is an outdated security practice that we cannot abandon right away.

Think about your password:

Is it related to something you like?
Your favorite movie or football team?
I'm sure I'm close. The fact that passwords can be so easily guessed makes them a vulnerable security measure that's easy to attack.

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Table of contents

  1. 1. The truth about passwords
  2. 2. Authentication in zero trust era
  3. 3. How to elimainate password related risks
  4. 4. ADSelfservice Plus: The identity security solution you need

The truth about password


data breaches
feature stolen credentials.1

Two in three people
reuse the same credential across multiple platforms.3

The password management methods people use.2

59% 41% 37% 28% 30% 30%

The Ponemon Institute's 2020 Report found that most individuals use poor password management strategies, such as memorizing them or writing them down on sticky notes or spreadsheets.

Truth about password


Here are some of the
most popular passwords found associated with seasons, cities, musicians, curse word, sports teams, movies, and TV shows.


Do you see your password here?


was among the top passwords found on the dark web.4
An average

password reset costs

a company $705

Authentication in the Zero Trust era

Modern technologies have made cybercriminals smart and their attacks more sophisticated, which is why it's time to stop relying on passwords alone.

Never trust always verify

Verifies who Contextualizes
Grants least
privilege access

Continuously monitors

In some organizations, a password is the only key needed to gain access to the organization's network and all its resources. Zero Trust fixes the shortcomings of password-only authentication by adding contextual layers of locks. Zero Trust also gets rid of binary trust by providing granular access and encourages continuous verification and monitoring of employees.

How to eliminate password-related risks

Passwords passwords everywhere, but are they safe?

Even though passwords can pose a major risk to the security architecture, we are not yet ready to do away with them entirely. Instead we can eliminate password-related risks by implementing the core elements of Zero Trust, like:

  • Single-sign on (SSO)
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Contextual authentication

Single-sign on (SSO)


Password fatigue is one of the reasons why people are opting to reuse the same password everywhere. SSO mitigates this hassle by allowing users to authenticate themselves in multiple applications using only one set of login credentials.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)


Add another layer of security to the authentication process by using MFA. It mitigates password vulnerability by providing additional ways to verify identities.

Contextual authentication

Location Time Device Network Application

Contextual authentication augments MFA by processing the context of users’ access requests, such as location, time, device, network, and application. Users who satisfy the organizations' predefined security conditions are provided full access, while those who don't are either provided partial or no access.

ADSelfService Plus:
The identity security solution you need

Now that we've discussed the problems and solutions, let's look at the tool that can streamline password management for your organization.

ManagingEngine ADSelfService Plus is an Active-Directory-integrated identity security solution that can meet an enterprise's authentication needs and help maintain a Zero Trust environment. Some of its key features include:

A password policy enforcer that helps comply with password requirements of HIPAA, CJIS, NIST, and PCI DSS regulations.

A password expiration notifier that alerts users of their soon-to-expire passwords.

Contextual MFA to secure remote logins.

Self-service password reset that allows users to reset passwords from anywhere.

MFA for machine, VPN, and OWA logins to defend credential-based attacks.

SSO to simplify the process of accessing multiple enterprise applications using one set of credentials.

ADSelfService Plus:
The identity security solution you need

Provide your employees a simple and secure way to authenticate themselves with ADSelfService Plus.

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