Flexibility regulator

Every enterprise, regardless of size, has different application control requirements. Traditional application control solutions might not satisfy the needs of all the enterprises alike. ManageEngine's Application Control Plus is a smart solution that can meet the demands of different kinds of enterprises of all sizes. Application Control Plus functions in several modes, each built to satisfy various levels of flexibility preferred by different enterprises.

The different application control modes available are:

  • Audit Mode

    Enterprise IT admins that have just begun their application control process can leverage this mode to get a clear picture of how they should build their application control framework. In the beginning, the admin might not know what applications users in their organization need; in this instance, the best option is to enable high flexibility mode. 

    All applications present in the allowlist and the  unmanaged applications will be allowed to run smoothly in this mode, and log collection will be enabled. The admin can monitor logs for as long as needed as a reference to know when to shift applications from the unmaged application list to the allowlist, depending on the frequency and legitimacy of their use.

  • Strict Mode 

    This is a strict enforcement mode. By choosing this mode, none of the unmanagedlisted applications will be accessible to the user. Only applications that are a part of the allowlist can be used. In case the user tries to access a unmanaged  application, they'll immediately be notified that the use of this particular application is prohibited.

Note: Blocklisted applications will not function in any endpoints in any of the above modes, ensuring enhanced security for organizations that utilize various applications for different business functions.

Opt for customizable application control by downloading Application Control Plus.  Try it free for 30 days, and see how it can help your organization secure its applications!