Bad actors lurk in the shadows.

If you don't have a list of shadow IT applications in your network yet, you're in trouble. Log360 can get you the list instantly.

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Monitor shadow IT application use and access with Log360.

Applications in your network that are neither sanctioned nor unsanctioned by your security team are shadow applications, and they pose a serious security threat. Log360, a unified SIEM solution with integrated CASB capabilities, captures the use of such shadow apps and enables you to regulate app access in your network.

Here's how

Log360 can help you detect shadow IT application access

Discover shadow applications in your network

  • Log360 can capture the use of cloud apps in your network using the reverse proxy technique.
  • You can view the list of shadow apps used by your employees and either sanction or ban them.
  • Log360 can also help you ban malicious applications. It provides insights on who accessed these applications and when, allowing security teams to conduct forensic analysis to ensure the safety of the network.

Track users who request access to shadow applications

  • Log360 keeps track of users who access shadow applications in your infrastructure.
  • It can also help you ban shadow applications, and users' access controls can be revisited to ensure they have only the necessary privileges in your network.
  • Users attempting to access shadow applications can be investigated further for abnormal behavior in the network with the help of Log360's UEBA module.

Track recently accessed shadow applications

  • With integrated CASB capabilities, Log360 provides a list of all the recently requested shadow applications in your network.
  • If these requests are targeted at a specific application, there could be malicious malware in the background raising those requests, or it could be a botnet attack with a network of compromised systems controlled by a command and control server accessing a bad application to carry out the next stage of an attack.
  • After investigating the list of requested shadow applications, you can sanction the applications or ban them from your network.

Why chooseLog360 for shadow IT monitoring?

  • Discover shadow applications automatically

    The solution instantly discovers shadow applications and lists them, reducing ambiguity around which applications are accessed in your network.

  • Have end-to-end visibility:

    Get a list of all the applications accessed in your network, and sanction or ban them according to business requirements.

  • Gain actionable insights on shadow IT application access:

    Log360 provides in-depth analytics on recent shadow applications requested, top users attempting to access shadow applications, and more.

  • Be notified in real time:

    With Log360, you can receive notifications about the use of shadow IT applications in real time via SMS and email.

  • Comply with IT regulations:

    Compliance mandates enforce strict access controls and application use. Don't let shadow applications complicate IT audits. Get audit-ready reports for PCI DSS, HIPAA, the GDPR, and more from Log360 directly to your inbox.