Prevent users from stumbling upon malicious websites

Log360, a unified SIEM solution with integrated CASB and DLP capabilities, filters web content to restrict access to malicious applications.

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Perform web content filtering to keep web-based attacks at bay

Web-based attacks are on the rise due to increased cloud adoption by organizations. It is crucial to regulate access policies for web applications in your network before encountering a catastrophe. Log360 provides visibility into the use of sanctioned, banned, and shadow applications in your network. While blocking access to banned applications is elementary, identifying shadow applications and restricting access to them can be complex—but not with Log360.

Stay away from malicious websites

  • Downloading malicious applications can facilitate cyberattacks such as phishing, malware, and ransomware.
  • Certain fraudulent websites trick users into entering their official account credentials, using which a malicious actor can launch attacks on your network.
  • Log360 can block access to malicious applications and websites like these from your network to prevent users from being scammed.

Prevent background attack chains

  • Browser extensions and plug-ins are popular with many users. While they benefit users to a great extent, adversaries can benefit, too.
  • Attackers can launch an attack on your network by downloading executable files or running a task in the background through a compromised browser extension or plug-in.
  • Log360 detects these suspicious activities by monitoring download sizes and most-used applications.

Combat the use of shadow IT

  • Log360 provides a list of shadow IT applications that are accessed in your network. You can access the risk of these shadow applications and either sanction or ban them in your environment by employing web content filtering strategies.
  • Get actionable insights on the recently accessed shadow applications in your network.
  • Identify the users attempting to access shadow applications and investigate the event.

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