Being an MSSP is no easy job. You have to keep up with the continual shift in operational, technical, and commercial demands while competing in the market. Having to centrally maintain all your existing clients is another never-ending challenge in terms of deploying skilled professionals, identifying attack patterns, and manually responding to various threat scenarios.

In this grim scenario, is a hands-on approach to SIEM the most efficient method?

There are multiple SIEM solutions for several different requirements in the current market.

This is exactly what this e-book addresses.

What we will cover in this guide:

  • Challenges of traditional MSSP operations and the need for a switch
  • The benefits of a cloud-based SIEM, which offers better scalability, streamlined access control, and much more
  • Capitalizing on current market trends with the right technical features
  • A clean checklist of essential SIEM features to meet the specific needs of MSSPs