Bandwidth Management

View detailed information on your network bandwidth for real-time network traffic insight. Identify which applications are consuming the most bandwidth, the top network talkers, and traffic usage for a particular period of time.

Application and protocol monitoring

  • See which applications are being used in your network.
  • Discover how much bandwidth is being consumed by each application.
  • Perform application mapping for enterprise-specific applications, as per each user's needs.
  • Group certain applications together based on monitoring and user needs.
  • Map applications based on port, protocol, and IP address or network.
  • Easily view the distribution of protocols.

Advanced forensics for quicker troubleshooting

The Forensics feature provides visibility into specific parameters such as traffic, application, source address, destination address, and DSCP for any given time. Drill down into any particular element’s traffic based on raw data obtained from forensic reports to troubleshoot network incidents faster.

Threshold-based alerting

Get notified whenever traffic utilization exceeds your predefined threshold settings. Create and manage your thresholds effectively with the help of alert profiles for IP groups, interfaces, and interface groups. Define alerts based on IN traffic, OUT traffic, or both. Get alerted when a link goes down or there are no flows for more than 15 minutes. You can configure threshold values based on utilization, duration, and frequency:

Utilization: Set limits for bandwidth utilization based on IP groups or other device groups.

Duration: Generate alerts whenever threshold violations happen during specific time periods.

Frequency: Set the number of times the traffic utilization is allowed to exceed its threshold before an alert is raised.

Traffic reports

Analyze bandwidth usage based on applications, users, and conversations using a rich set of bandwidth analysis reports. Granular details on bandwidth usage give you better insight into the types of applications that are using bandwidth so you can detect network congestion and drill down to its root cause.

OpManager Plus' network bandwidth analysis reports help you:

  • Track the top talkers and conversations in your network.
  • Compare bandwidth usage at different times.
  • Visualize the combined bandwidth usage of groups.
  • Drill down into problematic applications or slow network links.

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