Vigil IQ is the advanced TDIR engine within Log360 that helps enterprises identify, navigate, and investigate potential threats, this solution enables proactive and effective responses to mitigate security risks.

With the high coverage to key security threats, intuitive analytics, and automated playbooks, Vigil IQ helps enterprises overcome their complex cybersecurity challenges—by enhancing mean time to detect (MTTD) and respond (MTTR), extended investigation of false positives, detecting low priority or non-real threats, and managing manual mitigation.

How Vigil IQ works

Threat Detection, Investigation and Response Engine

Vigil IQ works

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What makes Vigil IQ an impactful TDIR engine?

  • Contextual
  • Accuracy and precision
  • Prepackaged cases
  • Guided investigation
  • High coverage
  • Performance tracking
  • Balance


Traditional SIEM or threat detection solutions depend largely on simple rule-based or ML-based anomaly spotting systems. Vigil IQ features contextual data enrichment through integration of threat feeds or non-event data to accurately spot sophisticated and persistent threats which otherwise are overlooked.

Accuracy and precision

Vigil IQ encompasses in itself a dual-layered threat detection system that includes smart threshold setting, dynamic learning, high coverage to spot threats accurately, and precise threat detection for improved reliability.

Prepackaged cases

Vigil IQ comes with prepackaged correlation rules and anomaly cards that helps detect known security threats. The solution's incident management system granularly associates automated workflows for the threat rules to neutralize threats instantly.

Guided investigation with the Incident Workbench

Vigil IQ's investigation module has an exclusive inspection console that facilitates contextual assessment and unification of the exploit triad: users, devices, and processes. Along with this, external threat sources can also be analyzed for reputation scores. Access risk profiling of users with UEBA integration, and traverse through process hunting trees with visualization of the parent-child hierarchy to conduct faster root cause analysis.

High coverage

Constantly updated indicators of compromises (IoCs) in the Advanced Threat Analytics platform, behavioral analytics, granular rule-based correlation system, Vigil IQ can spot external threats with common attack vectors, insider attacks, identity-based attacks, ransomware, and more.

Performance tracking

Vigil IQ delivers the right balance of proactive and reactive security approaches.


Vigil IQ brings a right balance in adoption of proactive and reactive security approaches. It ensures equilibrium by blending the methodologies and techniques required to detect threats and risks. The investigation and remediation platform comes with prepackaged actionable insights for threat neutralization, risk mitigation, and impact analysis.

Machine-learning enhanced adaptive threshold for alerts.

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  • Log4j

    Auditors and regulators frequently ask for reports that show Active Directory activities such as user lockouts, access removal for terminated users, users created, etc. AD Audit Plus has helped us do that easily and with minimal overhead.

    Kelvin Chung

    System administrator.

  • Paradyn's MSSP services

    Thanks to ManageEngine Log360, we averted a potential data breach caused by a disgruntled ex-employee. The system alerted us to unauthorized access and authentication failures, allowing us to swiftly address the issue. Log360 played a vital role in safeguarding our sensitive files and maintaining the integrity of our data.

    Edward McGrainor

    SOC engineer.

  • Phishing email

    Choosing Log360 as our SIEM solution was a game-changer for Calgon Carbon's security. When facing a phishing incident, Log360's real-time monitoring and threat detection capabilities proved invaluable. It swiftly alerted our security team, enabling immediate action to mitigate risks and prevent further compromise.

    Ryan Kemp

    IT Security analyst II.

  • CTC

    Log360 has truly transformed our security operations. Its advanced correlation capabilities and user-friendly design addressed the challenges we faced with Splunk. The solution not only aligns well with our network events but also ensures compliance with CMMC requirements, protecting our Controlled Unclassified Information. Log360's out-of-the-box features and customizable options have significantly reduced the workload for our IT team, allowing us to focus on critical data analysis and enhancing our security posture.

    Danielle Gerko

    Cybersecurity manager.

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