Simplify IT compliance reporting and auditing with audit-ready reports from Log360.

Satisfy compliance requirements and prove your adherence to mandates' with predefined compliance reports.

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Automate compliance audits with
ready-built reports and alerts

Meeting compliance requirements is essential for every business. However, it's a continuous and tedious process. Compliance officers and managers find it difficult to generate the audit reports each time to prove their adherence to the mandate's requirements.To simplify the auditing process, automate compliance reporting using a dashboard that displays metrics showing how the network is meeting compliance requirements.

ManageEngine Log360 helps you stay on top of changes and updates made to regulations, and take necessary actions before you fall out of compliance. Stay audit-ready with more than 150 out-of-the box reports that address the compliance mandates from the GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and more.

Stay aware of all detected security threats

Predefined compliance audit reports

Log360 comes with audit-ready compliance reports for various regulatory mandates, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, the GDPR, as well as regulations recently enacted and enforced across the globe. These detailed reports match every IT requirement of the mandate with the current compliance status of your network, which makes it easier to identify compliance violations.

Custom compliance reports

Log360 provides templates for standard security requirements, such as changes to password policies, critical service accounts, and more, which can be reused to build a new report for internal security requirements.

Detect cyberattacks using prebuilt attack rules
Investigate cyberattacks with attack timelines

Compliance violation alerts

Log360 helps you stay compliant with regulatory mandates by providing real-time alerts about compliance violations. The solution also provides detailed compliance reports that make organizations audit-ready.

Why should
you choose Log360
to meet compilance requirements?

  • Incident detection mechanism

    With Log360, you can detect incidents before they cause harm to your network. The solution records all necessary details about an incident, enabling you to prove the presence of a strict incident detection and response action.

  • Forensic reporting

    Log360 lets you archive historical logs to conduct forensic analysis as and when required.

  • Incident timeline

    Log360 provides a detailed timeline when a security incident occurs in your network, enabling you to efficiently initiate a root- cause and impact analysis

  • Sensitive data discovery

    Compliance standards implemented across the globe require constant scanning and securing of personally identifiable information within your network. Log360's automated data discovery helps you achieve this with ease.

  • Log retention

    Log360 enables you retain logs for future analysis. You can customize the retention period based on your organization's requirements. The logs are securely archived using timestamping and hashing techniques that ensure integrity of the data used in forensic analysis.