A I - d r i v e n d a t a l e a k s : AI-driven data leaks:

A rapid 2-min detection guide
of organizations that use AI tools have experienced a data breach.
  • This article unveils a simple method to detect such leaks in under two minutes.
  • Skeptical? We have captured a demo video showcasing a SIEM solution, bolstered by CASB, pinpointing and neutralizing data breaches effectively.
  • As the digital landscape evolves, safeguarding sensitive information demands innovative solutions.
  • The article will elaborate on all the analytics you will need to detect and evade data loss and data theft attack scenarios.
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Data exposure risks due to AI tools

Consider that an employee constantly interacts with an adaptive learning AI model to speed up their tasks everyday.

The employee,

  • Uploads a sheet of customer information to sanitize data and remove duplicates.
  • Uploads a code snippet to the tool to identify bugs.
  • Uploads a critical document to gather pivotal points.

If the AI tool used is a third-party tool, the tool will now have access to volumes of sensitive information. Either the tool could be breached to reveal sensitive data or the tool can malfunction and expose this newly learnt sensitive data to other users.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) can help you detect the use of AI tools and other untrusted applications, called shadow applications.

If a shadow application is accessed in your network, you will receive real-time notifications and you can block the use of such applications in your network.

A CASB can also help you detect file uploads to sensitive cloud platforms and provide real-time notifications to help prevent the threat.