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Your dark web monitoring
solution for credential leaks

Gain visibility into dark web breaches and potential supply chain credential leaks

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In today's digital landscape, cybercriminals increasingly leverage the dark web to plan attacks, trade stolen data, and launch malware campaigns.

To enable proactive monitoring of the deep and dark web for leaked credentials, ManageEngine Log360 integrates with Constella Intelligence to enable users to identify personal information, such as credit card numbers, email information, usernames, and other credentials, leaked on the dark web. This integration equips you with a critical first line of defense against supply chain risks.

Seeing beyond the surface:
Proactive dark web monitoring

Deep web

This part of the internet covers content that can’t be found by conventional search engines. This includes private databases, forums, and legal documents.

Surface web

This is the internet you use every day. Search engines index these sites, making them easy to find.

Dark web

This part of the deep web is known for being anonymous and is sometimes used for illegal activities, such as serving as an underground marketplace for sensitive information.

What is the dark web?

The dark web is a hidden corner of the internet. It comprises websites that cannot be found with regular search engines, like Google. Accessing these sites requires specific software designed for anonymity, such as the Tor Browser.

Why should you perform dark web monitoring?

Get early warnings about data breaches Personal information, such as login credentials, Social Security numbers, or financial details, that gets leaked in a data breach might end up for sale on the dark web. By monitoring the dark web for exposed sensitive information, you will be able to take necessary steps to mitigate threats.

Be proactive about security It's possible for your personal information to be circulated on the dark web even if you have not been part of a data breach. Through dark web monitoring, you can gain insights into leaked credentials and credentials that are yet to be exploited by the attackers. This will enable you to prevent attacks from happening.

Log360's dark web monitoring service

With Log360, you can monitor the dark web for any mention of an organization's sensitive information, including domain names, employee credentials, and financial information, such as credit card numbers. Detecting this information early empowers you to take swift action and mitigate potential breaches.

Log360's dark web monitoring service

Credible dark web intelligence

The dark web facilitates the exchange of information and tools among cybercriminals, operating outside the reach of conventional cyber policing.

By leveraging credible dark web intelligence, you can gain visibility into the security threats that plague the dark web. Data is collected through specialized tools and techniques that are used to crawl the dark web for relevant information; the data is then verified for accuracy and enriched with additional context such as threat indicators, and that information is turned into actionable alerts for swift response.

Supply chain risk management: Proactive threat hunting and incident response

While malware injections, manipulator-in-the-middle attacks, and insider threats are common threats seen in supply chain attacks, attackers are increasingly targeting credentials through phishing and social engineering, bypassing traditional defenses.

Compromised employee credentials are a common entry point for attackers that is often overlooked. With its enhanced and global threat intelligence, Log360 can identify leaked credentials, enabling you to take action like enforcing password resets and implementing stricter access controls.

By automating incident response workflows, remediation can be performed by triggering password reset workflows on compromised accounts. This streamlines the response process and allows you to react swiftly to emerging threats.

Supply chain risk management: Proactive threat hunting and incident response Get alerted in real time about supply chain credential leaks
Utilize Log360's Incident Workbench to trace attacker movement and predict next steps

Utilize Log360's Incident Workbench to trace attacker movement and predict next steps

In the event of a compromised credential, by using the Incident Workbench to perform advanced analytics on the threat, you can track the attacker's next steps as they move laterally across the network or escalate their privileges. This enables you to effectively contain threats and minimize potential damage.

The Incident Workbench console adds contextual data, such as breach history, leaked data, usual login URL, password hash, and personal information, for effective threat hunting.

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Why choose Log360 as your dark
web monitoring tool?


24/7 dark web monitoring

Log360 scans the deep and dark web continuously for leaked credentials associated with organizations, their employees, and third-party vendors. This ensures that you are alerted about potential security risks before potential damage.


Fraud detection and protection

Log360 tracks and immediately alerts on illegal credit card dumps and personal information leaks. This helps you to proactively approach unauthorized transactions and financial information leaks.


Detect PII exposure

Personally identifiable information (PII) leaks, such as credit card and Social Security numbers, are detected and notified on in real time.


Faster threat analysis and resolution

Log360 provides instant alerts whenever leaked credentials or critical information are found on the deep and dark web. This enables you to investigate and respond to threats quickly and efficiently.


Breach prevention

With Log360, you gain early visibility into potential supply chain vulnerabilities. This allows you to take action and prevent breaches before attackers can exploit these weaknesses.


Proactive security measures

Most regulatory mandates, such as the GDPR and the PCI DSS, mention implementing security measures to prevent data breaches. Dark web monitoring is one of the best security measures that you can adopt to identify the early signs of attacks and prevent them even before they occur.

Dark web threat intelligence partner

ManageEngine partners with Constella Intelligence for this integration. Constella Intelligence is a leading global digital risk protection business that works in partnership with some of the world's largest organizations to safeguard what matters most and defeat digital risk. Its solutions are broad, collaborative, and scalable, powered by a unique combination of proprietary data, technology, and human expertise—including the largest breach data collection on the planet, with over 100 billion attributes and 45 billion curated identity records spanning 125 countries and 53 languages.

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