How do I enable NTLMv2 Single Sign-On

Log360 uses Jespa to provide NTLMv2 SSO. To enable NTLMv2 SSO in Log360 and all integrated components in builds 5281 and above, follow the steps listed below.

Note for customers who are on build 5280 or lower: If you have already enabled NTLMv2 SSO, you can continue using the feature without having to perform the following steps.

  1. Download the latest Jespa JAR file.
  2. Add the downloaded file to the <log360_install_directory>/lib folder. <log360_install_directory> is the location where Log360 is installed.
  3. Note: If you have integrated components such as ADManager Plus, ADAudit Plus, etc. with Log360, ensure you've added the Jespa JAR file in the respective component's lib folder as well.

  4. Restart Log360 and all the other integrated components for the changes to take effect.

Please contact if you require any assistance in configuring NTLMv2 SSO for your users.