Store log data and address future security requirements

Utilize available storage efficiently and move essential data to a secure location for long-term retention.

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Simplify log archiving with Log360

Log archival is the process of moving log data to a separate, secure storage location for long-term retention. This archived log data may be needed for future reference during a forensic investigation or for legal reasons, such as complying with regulatory mandates.

Organizations often fail to detect security attacks as and when they happen. To track down an incident that has happened, security teams may require associated log information. To facilitate this process, it is essential to retain logs for a stipulated time. However, this shouldn't slow down the performance of the database.

Log360 helps you archive log data securely for future requirements. The solution lets you customize the retention period based on your needs. Further, the archival process can be completely automated so you don't miss out on any critical log information.

Log Archiving

Log archival and forensics

Log archival is essential to conduct log forensics. Log360 lets you import archived logs to conduct forensic analysis with ease. Further, the solution ensures that the log stays tamperproof throughout the retention period, maintaining its integrity.

Log Archival

Identify trends and patterns

Log360 helps you import archived logs back to an interactive dashboard where you can analyze log trends and identify patterns.

Identify Trends

Tamperproof archival

Log360 allows you to encrypt the archived file to ensure it stays tamperproof. Further, the archive file can also be time-stamped to make it more secure. The solution also monitors unauthorized access to the files to ensure that no modifications are made without administrators’ knowledge.

Tamperproof Archival

Why choose Log360 for log archival?

    Collects logs from different sources

    The solution is capable of collecting and archiving logs from different log sources such as Windows infrastructure, databases, endpoint solutions, hypervisors, servers, and cloud platforms.

    Optimize data storage

    Log360 lets you compress log information without any data loss, helping to optimize storage space. You can decompress the information anytime and add it into any active database, thus regaining complete visibility into activities.

    Flexible retention period

    The solution allows you to choose a log retention period for the loaded archive files.