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Strengthen your remote work security

As organizations across the globe adopt work from home (WFH) policies to ensure the safety of employees, the risk of cyber-attacks on unsecured connections goes up rapidly.

WFH policies allow employees to work on a network that is not directly controlled by the organization. When most of your employees work from home, attackers ramp up tactics to target employees who sign-in remotely to corporate networks and cloud applications. Organizations may not be equipped to handle this as they're still getting used to the new setup. The increasing number of employees working from home and a lack of IT resources to ensuring security leads to an increased attack surface.

While using VPNs and firewalls can help with controlling access to critical resources within the network, activities of remote employees must be monitored as home-based networks aren't always safe most of the times.

Is there a way to secure your network when everyone in
your organization is accessing it from outside?

The answer is yes!

Log360, ManageEngine's comprehensive SIEM solution, allows you to track remote user and
entity activities to minimize potential cyber-threats.

Firewalls are a good place to start

Often, attacks can be detected at the intrusion stage by monitoring firewall logs. Hackers try to find loopholes in your firewall and use them to their advantage. A look at the firewall logs can reveal anomalous activity around your network. While this may appear simple, manually sifting through firewall logs from remote employees is next to impossible.

Log360 offers you complete visibility and control over the entire network's security. It also allows you to analyze the usage and effectiveness of firewall rules, and fine tune them to optimize remote access.

Log360 supports all major commercial network firewalls such as Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, and more. Listed below are some of the reports that are available in Log360's exhaustive report catalog.

  • Firewall Denied Connections
  • Top Firewall Traffic based on Source

Deeper into your VPN monitoring

While VPNs are implemented to ensure network security, every remote device can be a potential port of entry for hackers.

VPN monitoring helps keep an eye on critical metrics to maintain the integrity of the VPN connections and its roubustness.

Log360 offers a complete range of tools and reports to monitor VPNs. The following are some of Log360's VPN monitoring reports optimized especially for WFH patterns.

  • Top Failed VPN Logons based on User
  • Top Failed VPN Logons based on Remote Device
  • VPN Authorization Errors
  • Failed VPN Logons Trend
  • VPN Logouts
  • Top Firewall VPN Logons from Remote Hosts

Step up your security posture with threat intelligence

On account of increased vulnerability in WFH arrangements, there is going to be a rise in advanced persistent threats and remote-access Trojan (RAT)-based attacks. To combat such attacks, it is essential that you keep your threat intelligence up to date.

Log360's advanced threat analytics add-on, which gets dynamically updated with millions of malicious IPs, URLs, and domains every day, is the perfect fit for you to fight against such remoteaccessbased persistent attacks.

For example, suppose the adversaries hacking the employee's laptop from the unsecured home network and tries to compromise the company's VPN. By brute-forcing the VPN credentials, the attacker might create unusual failed VPN logons which are not only captured in the report but also sent out as a real-time alert to security admins so that proper quarantine measure can be taken.

Some highlights of Log360's threat intelligence platform are:

  • Real-time alerts when a malicious source is trying to intrude on your network.
  • An automatic association workflow mechanism to remediate the threat immediately.
  • Millions of dynamically updated pieces of information from open threat feeds like AlientVault about bad actors including information on their geolocation, reputation score of the malicious source, threat category, and so on.
  • Better visibility through correlation of threat feeds in a business context to spot and tackle attacks the right way.

Keep a check on remote employee productivity

Monitoring remote workers' productivity is another significant challenge as keeping track of performance can be strenuous.

For example, it’s very easy to get caught on social media in working hours, so tracking employees' online presence can ensure greater productivity.

Log360 efficiently monitors and generates reports on WFH employees' devices.

Log360's out-of-the-box reports can provide information on:

  • Currently Logged on Users
  • User's Logon Duration
  • User's Last Logon
  • Workstation Logon Activity
  • Top Websites Accessed
  • Malicious Websites Blocked
  • Top Websites Blocked based on Users, and more.

Let AI and ML size up your network security

To tackle such uncertain situationsyou need extraordinary technologies. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can be used to baseline the behavior of remote workers and their devices. ML-driven user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) add-on of Log360 helps you analyze remote employees' working methods and alerts you upon any deviation. This helps you to narrow down to unauthorized network or critical data access easily without getting lost in alert fatigue.



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