Security information and event
management (SIEM)

Spot, analyze, and remediate threats with one solution.

An enterprise's security operations center (SOC), which houses IT security professionals who monitor the enterprise's security posture, are responsible for tackling cyberattacks and simultaneously addressing regulatory compliance requirements. This is not a simple task, and is enough to keep the security team busy 24x7. If your team depends on a basic log management tool to collect, store, and search through logs, your organization is going to fall behind on security and may succumb to an attack.

Attackers are becoming more dangerous and regulatory mandates are continuously evolving, and basic tools just can't keep up. It's time to deploy a more sophisticated solution: security information and event management (SIEM). SIEM solutions have become an integral part of the network and data security ecosystem, and are critical in tackling advanced and targeted cyberattacks.

Log360 to the rescue

Detect, investigate, and resolve security incidents and threats using a single, scalable SIEM solution: Log360. It provides you with actionable insights and analytics-driven intelligence for real-time security monitoring, advanced threat detection, incident management, and behavioral analytics-based anomaly detection. Additionally, Log360 includes predefined reports and alert templates that help address compliance and privacy mandates.



In-depth incident or threat analysis with intuitive dashboards and reports



Correlation engine, threat intelligence, and UEBA



Real-time alerts for detected incidents



Automated workflow rules

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Log360 tackles key security use cases

Built as the bedrock for your SOC, ManageEngine Log360 comes with out-of-the-box correlation and workflow rules, dashboards, reports, and alert profiles to help you address vital security issues with little manual intervention.

Detect threats

Spot threats before they manifest as an attack. Identify intrusions,malware, or software installations, and deviant user behavior with a comprehensive correlation engine, threat intelligence, and machine learning-based UEBA modules.

Expedite incident response

Accelerate your incident response with automated workflows,coupled with correlation rules and alert profiles. These workflows execute automatically upon detection of incidents, thereby containing attacks or reducing their impact.

Secure cloud

As you move to the cloud, you need to monitor user activities and protect critical data. Track user logons and access to cloud resources, privileged user behavior, changes to security groups, and unauthorized data activity with an analytics-driven dashboard.

Simplify compliance

Gain visibility into your network by continuously monitoring network activities. Easily conduct forensic analysis,and generate detailed breach reports for security audits. Prove your adherence to different regulatory mandates with prebuilt compliance reports and alert templates.

Unmask malicious insiders

Spot insider attacks, data exfiltration, and account compromises with the machine learning-driven UEBA module. This module baselines normal user behavior and increases risk scores for every anomalous activity to help uncover persistent attack attempts.

Orchestrate IT security and operations

Accelerate your incident response with automated workflows,coupled with correlation rules and alert profiles. These workflows execute automatically upon detection of incidents, there by containing attacks or reducing their impact.


5 Reasons to choose Log360

Quick deployment

Log360 takes less than thirty minutes to deploy. Its automatic device discovery features let you quickly add devices in your network for monitoring.

Intuitive security analytics

Log360 comes bundled with over 1,000 prepackaged report templates, interactive dashboards, and alert profiles, all of which cover the basic security, auditing, and compliance needs of most enterprises.

UBA, powered by machine learning

Quickly spot user behavior anomalies such as abnormal user logons, logon failures, unusual user accesses, and more, with the built-in UBA engine powered by machine learning.

Coverage for physical, virtual, and cloud environments

We know most enterprise networks are a combination of physical, virtual, and cloud components. So we've equipped Log360 to audit all these platforms. Regardless of if you're using Windows, Linux servers, Hyper-V machines, Azure, Amazon cloud platforms, or even the Salesforce cloud app, Log360 eases security auditing and compliance management for you.

Advanced threat detection

Log360 reduces attack dwell time by instantly detecting indicators of compromise with its powerful threat intelligence system and real-time correlation engine. Mitigate known attack patterns and set up traps to spot anomalies in real time with the flexible correlation rule wizard and real-time alerting console.

Security orchestration

Log360 can communicate with your other IT fulcrums—like help desk software and Active Directory—providing a holistic approach to IT security. Expedite and ensure accountability in your security incident process by raising tickets in your help desk software for every threat detected in your network.