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Supported log & data sources

Log360 parses and analyzes logs from over 750 log sources across vendors. It offers predefined reports, alert profiles, and correlation rules for these log sources and makes on-premises, cloud, and M365 auditing simple.

  •  Core Windows Infrastructure
  •  Database Platforms
  •  Endpoint Security Solutions
  •  Firewalls, NGFWs, IDS, and IPS
  •  Hypervisors
  •  Linux and Unix Systems
  •  Routers and Switches
  •  Vulnerability Scanners
  •  Web Servers
  •  Servers
  •  Workstations
  •  Cloud Platforms
  •  File integrity monitoring
  •  Other Applications

Core Windows Infrastructure

  •  Windows Server 2003 and above
  •  Windows Vista and above
  •  Microsoft Windows DHCP Server

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