Download Log360 UEBA Service Packs

Choose your current product build number How do I find my build number?

  • 4055 to 4065

    1. Step 1. Download and install the latest service pack (Build 4066)
  • 4000 to 4051

    1. Step 1. Download and install the latest service pack (Build 4055)

      Important instruction: For customers who have enabled SSL connection, follow the below steps before restarting your UEBA instance after PPM installation (4055 build).

      • Navigate to <Home>/Log360UEBA/conf/
      • Open system_properties.conf file and add the below text at the end "product.keystorepass.encrypt=true"
      • Start the UEBA Instance.
    2. Step 2. Download and install the latest service pack (Build 4066)
We strongly recommend that you back up Log360 UEBA before upgrading to the latest version. This helps prevent accidental loss of data.
  • If your build number isUpgrade to Build NumberSHA256 Checksum hash value
  • 4055 to 4065Download and upgrade to 4066 0986baf8cdf0cdf322f1b57ed5231e8f0f8ea37baa6a464cae05e096b2f74265
  • 4000 to 4051Download and upgrade to 4055 2ac0ab47e070fec6b09873ac2451bbc76877c40ef5ba9019c248e9431ec4ec02

Instructions to apply service pack Frequently asked questions

  • 1 Shut down Log360 UEBA.
    1. If the product runs as an application, click Start → All Programs → Log360UEBA → Stop Log360UEBA.
    2. If the product runs as a Windows service, click Start → Run → type "services.msc" → Stop ManageEngine Log360UEBA.
  • 2 Backup Log360 UEBA by zipping the contents of the <Log360UEBA> directory.
  • 3 Open Command Prompt with administrator privilege and navigate to <Log360UEBA>\bin directory
  • 4 Execute the following commands to ensure the proper shutdown of the application.
    1. shutdown.bat
    2. stopDB.bat

    Note: StopDB.bat is only meant for the default database (PostgreSQL). If you use MS SQL, please ignore this command. Kindly execute only shutdown.bat

  • 5 Execute the updateManager.bat file

    Note: For Windows Server 2008 and higher operating systems with User Account Control enabled, start the Command Prompt as an administrator (right-click Command Prompt and select Run as Administrator)

  • 6 Click on “Browse” and select the downloaded PPM file. Now click on “Install”.

    The public certificate is downloaded and used for sign-in when the Update is installed. If the internet is not connected or if the connection fails, you need to import the certificate manually.

    Steps to import certificate manually:

    • Select the Import Certificate button on the top right of the Update Manager window.
    • Click browse and locate the downloaded certificate file.
      • For builds upto 4055, you can download the certificate file here.
      • For builds after 4055, the above certificate is invalid. For these builds, you can download the latest certificate file here.
    • Click Import.
      Import certificate

      Note: The certificate is applied as a security measure to avoid the risk of a tampered service pack (PPM) file. This is a one-time process and the certificate will be automatically applied during future upgrades.

  • 7 Please wait until the upgrade completes. Please do not terminate the Service Pack upgrade process prematurely.
  • 8 Click Close and then Exit to quit the Update Manager tool.
  • 9 Start Log360UEBA.
    1. If the product runs as an application, click on Start → All Programs → Log360UEBA → Start Log360UEBA.
    2. If the product runs as a Windows service, click on Start → Run → type "services.msc" → Start ManageEngine Log360 UEBA.
  • If you need to apply more than one service pack, follow the same instructions for each installation and then start Log360 UEBA after every upgrade.
  • Do not interrupt or cancel the upgrade process. If the upgrade fails, please contact the .

How do I find my current build number?

  • Log in to the Log360 UEBA web client.
  • Click the License link at the top right corner.
  • You can find the build number in the License Details window that opens.

How do I find out my Build number?

  • 1Log in to the Log360 UEBA web client, and click the “License” link in the top pane.
  • 2Your Log360 UEBA build number is mentioned next the “Product version”.