Every year, cyberattacks skyrocket during the holiday season. Cyberattacks across the globe increase easily by over 9% just during the festivals. As the festive spirit kicks in, there is an increase in financial and email activities. We all get distracted and tend to slightly drop our guards which is leveraged by the adversaries. The effects of high-profile security breaches include losing critical information and customers' trust. This may even lead to business shutdown. It's time to remind ourselves of the importance of recognizing and defending ourselves from these seasonal cybersecurity threats.

We at ManageEngine would like to help you by providing tips for stepping up your defense against cyberattack campaigns during the holiday season. Shehnaaz, our cybersecurity expert, will be discussing the six important security tips that you can follow to secure sensitive data and avoid breaches.

What's in this webinar?

  • Examples of seasonal cybersecurity threats and how they are launched.
  • How you must restrict and track access to your critical resources during the holiday season.
  • How to tweak your security framework to detect and neutralize seasonal security threats and data extortion.
  • Tools that can help you step up your defense.