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Get the most out of your investment.

Keeping IT spending at a bare minimum is an important goal for most organizations. Accomplishing this, however, requires a thorough understanding of both the direct and indirect costs involved in IT. When it comes to Microsoft 365, most experts agree that you need a comprehensive solution to manage your Microsoft 365 setup efficiently. But, will this solution end up costing you more than it's saving you?

M365 Manager Plus' Return On Investment (ROI) calculator helps you calculate the costs incurred on reporting, auditing, and monitoring Microsoft 365. Asside from the reporting, auditing, and monitoring features used to calculate the ROI, M365 Manager Plus also provides a multitude of other capabilities. Learn about all the features M365 Manager Plus has to offer.

Return on Investment Calculator

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Annual Spending
Microsoft 365 vs M365 Manager Plus

Amount Spent Microsoft 365 M365 Manager Plus
To create user accounts every year - -
In retreiveing audit logs every year - -
In generating reports every year - -
In service health monitoring every year - -
Total annual spending (USD) - -

Savings done by deploying
M365 Manager Plus


Return on investment with
M365 Manager Plus (ROI)


A holistic Microsoft 365 administration and security solution