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Integrate Google Workspace (G Suite) with MDM

Google Workspace (G Suite) is a cloud based identity solution offered by Google that provides directory service to make user management simpler. You can integrate MDM with G Suite directory and leverage its benefits.

Integration Procedure

  • On the MDM server, click on the Enrollment tab from the top menu and select Chromebook Enrollment, present under Chrome OS.
  • If you've already integrated G Suite in Android Enterprise you can go directly to step 3. If not, click on Configure Now and provide the domain registered with G Suite as well as the domain admin account.
  • In case of MDM On-Premise, if OAuth is not configured, you will get an error message saying "OAuth App details are not yet configured".
  • Click on here to configure OAuth. You will be prompted to enter the Client ID and Client Secret. How to obtain Client ID and Client Secret?
  • Once you have entered the Client ID and Client Secret, click on Integrate to complete Chrome integration using G Suite. You can now enroll Chromebooks using MDM.

How to obtain Client ID and Client Secret

  1. Log in to the Google Console with your G Suite admin account.
  2. Click on Select Project -> New Project and enter the required details.
  3. Navigate to APIs & services -> Credentials -> Create Credentials -> OAuth Client ID.
  4. If you are configuring OAuth Authentication for the first time, you have to set up your OAuth Consent Screen.
  5. On the left panel, click on OAuth Consent Screen, and choose the User Type as Internal.
  6. Click on Create. You will now have to enter the app name, support email and developer contact information and click on Save and Continue.
  7. Now navigate to APIs & services -> Credentials -> Create Credentials -> OAuth Client ID. Select Web Application as the Application type.
  8. Enter the Authorized redirect URIs which you have copied from the MDM server and click on Create.
  9. A new set of Client ID and Client Secret will be generated which is to be copied and pasted back on the MDM server.
  10. Once you have entered the Client ID and Client Secret, click on Integrate.

Now the OAuth will be successfully configured on the MDM server.

Troubleshooting tips

Unable to Integrate G Suite with MDM

If you are unable to integrate G Suite with MDM, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to https://myaccount.google.com and login with your domain admin account.
  2. Navigate to Security -> Manage third-party access and select ManageEngine MDM.
  3. In case of MDM Cloud, Select Manageengine MDM and for On-Premise, select the app name which you have created on the Google Admin Console. Now click on Remove access and then click OK to confirm.
  4. On the MDM Console, provide the domain admin account and click on Configure now.

Now the G Suite will get successfully integrated with MDM.

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