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Configuring Server Settings

Server settings like, Web server port, logging level, and other properties can be configured from here. These settings are common to all the users using Mobile Device Manager Plus and not user-specific.

To configure server settings

To configure the server settings, select the Admin tab --> Server Settings link.

  1. Click on the check box to enable the below listed features:
    1. Select the "Start 'Mobile Device Manager Plus' automatically on machine bootup" check box if you wish to start Mobile Device Manager Plus whenever the system is started.
    2. Select the "Launch the client upon successful server startup" check box if you wish to open the client whenever the Mobile Device Manager Plus Server is started.
    3. Select the "Enable Secure Login (Https)" option to enable https in the client.
    4. Select the "Trim Column Values in Report" check box if you wish to trim the unwanted space in the column values of report.
  2. From the Drop down select the current level for Log Settings as normal and debug.
  3. Enter the email address
  4. Provide the e-mail addresses for notifications
  5. Click the Save Changes button.
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