Device rediscovery properties

OpManager updates the below device properties during the process of rediscovery or scheduled discovery. Please contact our support team at for further assistance on making any changes to these properties.

Property Description Property enabled by default
DEVICETYPE Device type or model TRUE
DISPLAYNAME Display name as shown in the Device Snapshot header False
DNSNAME DNS name of the device TRUE
HARDWAREDETAILS Hardware monitors update TRUE
RAMSIZE RAM size of the device TRUE

Properties description:

  1. DEVICETYPE: On rediscovery, properties such as Device Type, Operating System (for Windows devices only), Vendor and Category are updated when the device type is resolved. The above said properties will not be updated, if
    • The old 'Device Type' is valid and the resolved 'Device Type' is same as the old one.
    • The resolved 'Device Type' is Unknown.
  2. DISPLAYNAME: By default, it is marked as False. If this property is set as TRUE, the display name of the rediscovered device will be updated. This also depends upon the configurations (enable or disable) of the 'Unique System DisplayName' and 'Use DNS as DisplayName' options under Discovery Settings.
  3. DNSNAME: Refers to the DNS name of the device.
    • If the 'Poll Using IP Address' option is enabled, the DNS name will be updated if resolved during rediscovery or scheduled discovery.
    • If the 'Poll Using DNS' option is enabled, the DNS name will be updated, if the new DNS name is resolved and the old DNS name field value in OpManager is set as IP address.
  4. HARDDISKSIZE: When set as TRUE, details regarding the hard disk size of the device gets updated.
    1. The value of the static hardware details (serial number, service tag, model, etc.) will be updated under the 'Hardware Monitoring' tab, provided the 'Hardware Monitoring' option is enabled for the respective devices.
    2. If the monitored device supports hardware monitoring but hasn't been enabled, OpManager automatically enables it during device re-discovery and continues hardware monitoring.
  6. RAMSIZE: When set as TRUE, details regarding the RAM size of the associated device is updated.
  7. Note: The above said property updates are only available for users with OpManager and OpManager Plus versions 125102 and above.