Incidents and Events

The following are the values that will be synced wile integrating OpManager with ServiceNow.

For Incidents:

Field Key Source
Category category Notification Profile
Subcategory subcategory Notification Profile
Technician assigned_to Notification Profile
Group assignment_group Notification Profile
Impact impact OpManager allows users to choose their desired priority. Hence, assigning impact and urgency will be based on the default priority lookup rule. Learn More.
Urgency urgency
Description description Notification Profile. Can add custom message too.
Opened by opened_by Username used in configuration
Called ID caller_id Username used in configuration
Short Description short_description Notification Profile. Can add custom message too.
CI cmbd_ci Display name of the device to which the alarm belongs to.
State state 1 for open, 6 for closure
Called ID called_id Username used in configuration
Close Code close_code  
Close Notes close_notes  
Comments comments Notes while updating incident.


For Events:

Field Key
Source source
Node  Node: ´╗┐Display the name of the device in OpManager´╗┐
Type type
Resource resource
Metric Name metric_name
Source Instance source_instance
Severity severity
Description description
CMDB CI cmdb_ci : Display the name of the device in OpManager

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