Patch Manager Plus console doesn't load in ServiceDesk Plus


When the Patch Manager Plus console is accessed from the ServiceDesk Plus portal, a blank page is displayed.


This happens due to one or more of the following issues:

Integration related issues:

Network and security related issues:

Permission related issues:

Browser environment issue:


  1. Integration related issues:

    • SDP-PMP integration is not done from both sides:

      The integration needs to be done from both SDP console and Patch Manager Plus Console. Check this document for the integration steps.
    • Mismatch in Protocol:

      Ensure that both use the same protocol http/https.
      To change protocol in PMP, navigate to: Admin-->Integrations-->ServiceDesk Plus Settings-->Modify
      To change protocol in SDP, navigate to: Admin-->Integrations-->Patch Manager Plus. 
  2. Network and security related issues:

    • Firewall blocking the requisite ports:

      Configure the firewall settings in the devices to ensure that required http/https port is open for the servers to communicate freely.
    • Invalid/Missing/Expired Third Party Certificates:

      If https protocol is used for integration, third party certificate should be imported in SDP and PMP. 
    • Browser exception not configured-Self Signed Certificates:

      Self signed certificates can be used for rendering the Patch Manager Plus Console, but browser exception should be added in every browser the console is accessed from.
    • Security response header:

      If X-Frame-Options are enabled in SDP from: Admin-->General Settings-->Security Settings-->Advanced-->Add Security Response Headers, then the response must not be "sameorigin" or "deny". 

  3. Permission related issues:

    • Permission not granted to technicians:

      Ensure that the “Enable to access Desktop and MDM Plugin Functionality” checkbox is enabled in SDP in: Admin-->Technicians-->Edit Technician. A user is created in PMP automatically with the same credentials as that of the SDP technician when this checkbox is enabled.  
  4. 4.Browser environment issue:

    • HTTP restrictions

      If HTTP protocol is used for integration, certain restrictions will be applicable.

      i) Patch Manager Plus and SDP should be in the same domain.

      ii) FQDN name of Patch Manager Plus server should be used for integration in SDP Server. Admin->Patch Manager Plus Server settings page.

      iii) FQDN name of SDP server should be used to access the SDP console.

      iv) Switch to HTTPS protocol.

    • Cookie settings should be "Allow" for the Patch Manager Plus and SDP websites. Clear cache and cookie and try again.
    • Browser exception

      In HTTPS protocol, if a Self Signed Certificate is imported, browser exception should be added once in every browser.

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