Secure access using two-factor authentication

Security is a major concern for every enterprise. It is more alarming, when unauthorized users could lay their hands on business management software. This is why, " Two-Factor Authentication" has become so mandatory for every business. You can now secure the access using two-factor authentication and feel assured. ´╗┐When two-factor authentication is enabled, users will be prompted to enter the One Time Password (OTP) along with their default password. Two-factor authentication is supported in two modes, using email and Google authenticator.

Using Email

When you choose email as a mode for two-factor authentication, the OTP will be generated and sent to the user's registered email address. User will have to use the OTP received in the email in addition to the regular password. User should have access to email, in order to access the central server.

Using Google Authenticator

If you choose to use Google Authenticator, all you need to do is to install the Google Authenticator app on your smart phone. You will have to map the central server details on the google authenticator, which is a one time process. You can use the OTP generated on the app, as the second password, to login to the web console. OTP can be generated anytime, anywhere, it does not require any connection to internet.

Scan the below mentioned QR Code using your smart phone and download Google authenticator:

  • iOS devices - App Storeios
  • Android devices - Google Playandroid
  • Windows - Windows Storewindows