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Insider threat detection software.

Leverage continuous user activity monitoring and detailed reports to enhance your
insider threat detection strategy.

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Leverage user behavior analytics to instantly spot
insider threat indicators like:

  • Multiple failed logons

    Identify the source and reason behind every failed logon attempt, and find user accounts with the highest percentages of logon failures.

    Multiple failed logons
  • User activity anomalies

    Identify suspicious user activities such as an unusually high volume of events and file activities carried out at unusual times.

    User activity anomalies
  • Privilege escalations

    Audit privilege use, and report on critical events like password resets, user management, and privilege escalations.

    Privilege escalations
  • Lateral movement

    Detect indicators of lateral movement like out-of-the-ordinary remote desktop activity, execution of new processes, etc.

    Lateral movement
  • Data mishandling

    Track file deletions, unauthorized file changes, and anomalous surges in file accesses with detailed File Integrity Monitoring reports.

    Data mishandling
  • Data exfiltration

    Detect USB devices plugged in to domain controllers, servers, or workstations, and receive alerts when files are copied to them.

    Data exfiltration
Multiple failed logons
User activity anomalies
Privilege escalations
Lateral movement
Data mishandling
Data exfiltration

Here's how ADAudit Plus' insider threat detection tool
helps detect every type of insider attack

Malicious insiders

Scenario : A rogue administrator resets a critical user's password, and uses these credentials to access and exfiltrate confidential data. The next day, the critical user gets locked out because of their now-obsolete credentials, and requests a new password from the administrator.

With ADAudit Plus, track down the source of the insider attack by investigating critical events such as password resets made by the rogue administrator, unusual remote desktop activity from the critical user's account, details of the account lockout events, and more. 


Careless insiders

Scenario : An administrator accidentally grants excessive privileges to an employee who proceeds to use these privileges to exfiltrate sensitive data. 

With ADAudit Plus, correlate reports on privilege escalations, users performing a privileged action for the first time, and file copy actions to USB devices to quickly identify and rectify the error.

Inadvertent insiders

Scenario : A researcher accidentally lands on a suspicious website that installs and executes a malicious executable (such as ransomware) in the network.

With ADAudit Plus, trigger alerts when this unusual process is run on a host. If the executable initiates a ransomware attack, ADAudit Plus can instantly detect it and shut down infected machines to prevent it from spreading further.


Solutions offered by ADAudit Plus


    Track user logons

    Gain visibility into user logon activity, tracking everything from logon failures to logon history.


    Troubleshoot account lockouts

    Detect lockouts instantly with alerts, and analyze their root cause with in-depth reports.


    Audit changes

    Receive real-time notifications about changes occurring across Active Directory and Azure AD.


    Monitor privileged users

    Get consolidated audit trails for administrators and other privileged user activities.


    Actively respond to threats

    Detect anomalies instantly, and configure the tool to automatically respond to incidents.


    Leverage UBA

    Detect and mitigate threats like malicious logins, privilege abuse, and malware.


Enhance insider threat protection with ADAudit Plus, real-time change
auditing and threat detection software.

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