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    Organizations today face a critical challenge in managing and securing identities and access to their digital resources. The increasing complexity of IT environments, compliance requirements, and the need to balance security with user convenience make identity governance and administration (IGA) a pressing concern. This necessitates a comprehensive solution to streamline identity management, enforce policies, and enhance overall security while ensuring an efficient user experience.

    ADManager Plus is an IGA solution that allows you to manage the entire user life cycle (from provisioning to deprovisioning), conduct access certification campaigns, and manage identities across various enterprise applications. It also provides data protection through regular backups.

    ADManager Plus offers more than 200 reports to help you gain insights into identities and their access rights. It improves the efficiency of identity governance and administration operations through workflows, automations, and role-based access control policies. Additionally, ADManager Plus provides Android and iOS applications for convenient Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD management on the go.

    ManageEngine ADManager Plus offers a web-based solution for simplified AD management, including user creation and modification, role-based security, and detailed reports. The robust search function identifies permissions for a specific AD object or user, enabling precise security audits. The Active Directory Explorer simplifies domain navigation and grants access to view properties and security permissions for AD objects.

    ADManager Plus can help you overcome IGA challenges using the following features:

    • Streamlined identity life cycle management
    • Compliance-oriented reporting
    • Multi-level business workflows
    • Inter-forest and intra-forest migration of AD objects
    • Script-free automation to run crucial standalone tasks
    • Granular access controls and delegation
    • Identity risk assessment
    • Orchestrated task execution using webhooks and templates
    • Entitlements management
    • Secure data backups and recovery
    • Integration with popular SIEM, HCM, ITSM, and help desk tools

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