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Ditch the data silos: Enhance CloudOps clarity with multi-cloud visibility

Cloud environments are always changing, making them difficult to manage. Cloud monitoring tools like Applications Manager enable IT teams to monitor and troubleshoot multi-cloud platforms alongside on-premise infrastructure by providing a unified view of all operations.

Navigate the downside of cloud-native monitoring solutions

One major challenge in implementing a cloud-native monitoring solution is the difficulty in gaining comprehensive insights. This becomes even more pronounced when organizations opt for a hybrid, multi-cloud approach in their IT strategy. The use of fragmented cloud monitoring solutions from various service providers complicates the situation, as it hinders the ability to correlate data across different cloud platforms and resolve issues promptly. The resulting gaps in performance analysis pose challenges in identifying trends, optimizing resource allocation, and ensuring consistent service delivery. So how can you tackle this?

With a unified cloud performance monitoring solution like Applications Manager, you will be able to gain insights into application and service performance across multi-vendor platforms from a single console. This will empower you to discover, understand, and correlate issues seamlessly, ensuring holistic insights, cost control, and enhanced performance across your multi-cloud environment.

1. Extensively monitor your cloud resources

Automatically detect cloud applications and services running on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and more. Gain visibility into dependencies between applications, services, processes, and cloud components across all cloud and on-premise environments. Here are some of the resources that you can observe with our cloud monitor:

Cloud Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Cloud virtual machines

Manage multiple virtualization technologies from a single console while tracking key components like CPU usage, disk, and network utilization. Map interdependencies between different parts of your VM applications to track down the origin of performance issues. Efficiently plan capacity, manage VM sprawls, and improve operational efficiency. Read more

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Cloud Monitoring Solution - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Cloud databases

Gain unparalleled visibility into cloud databases and keep tabs on their availability, health, resource utilization, and more. Understand if clients can communicate seamlessly with the associated database servers by tracking the number of active and failed connections. Analyze query statistics, blocked time, execution time, and more to isolate and resolve problematic queries.

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Cloud Monitoring Services - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Cloud containers

Proactively monitor all the service levels of your Kubernetes deployments, including container clusters, individual clusters, etc. Track key metrics such as node and pod details, persistence volumes, cluster performance, service status, etc. Ensure proper connectivity between the container and the associated host by identifying and eliminating transaction bottlenecks in network traffic. Leverage configuration reports to track crucial container metrics such as IP address, path name, host name, and more.

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Cloud Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Cloud load balancers

Prevent slow response times and service failures by checking for traffic overload and the availability of data paths in load balancers. Perform frontend and backend health checks of your application from the load balancer's point of view. Monitor the health probe status for detailed insights on resource availability for serving traffic. For quick analysis, you can sort out IP addresses in the order of the best performer to the worst. Additionally, track key cloud monitoring metrics like SNAT port usage, data path availability, health probe status, SNAT connection stats, packet counts, data throughput, and more with our cloud monitoring service. Learn about  Azure Load Balancer monitoring and AWS ELB monitoring.

2. Reduce MTTR and cut through the alert noise

With our cloud application monitoring solution, you can get a centralized view into all the variables affecting the performance of your services.

Cloud Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Detect issues quickly

Eliminate blind spots by detecting issues on hosts, processes, load balancers, storage, etc. Immediately understand the root cause of issues and troubleshoot them with ease.

Get precise alerts

Receive alerts only for issues that matter and eliminate false positives. Receive instant alerts through your preferred channel-email, SMS, Slack, and more-when thresholds are exceeded

Automate corrective actions

Configure basic scripts to address service problems by automatically either rebooting or triggering a cloud action through IT automation.

Identify anomalies swiftly

Leverage AI-powered anomaly detection and smart alerts to understand performance deviation patterns.

Integrate effortlessly

Seamlessly integrate with your ITSM tool (ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus or ServiceNow) and track incidents with ease.

3. Make informed decisions and manage your cloud better

As your business scales, implementing dynamic load distribution mechanisms, coupled with effective capacity planning, becomes essential to seamlessly handle increased demands while maintaining optimal performance in the delivery of your cloud services. Our cloud performance management software lets you:

  • Monitor cloud apps effectively by understanding resource capacity to optimize performance and ensure efficient resource utilization.
  • Keep tabs on performance of key metrics with 500+ out of the box reports and improve collaboration between teams with customizable cloud monitoring dashboards.
  • Analyze historical resource usage data and leverage forecast reports to make educated judgments on future growth and utilization.
Cloud Monitoring Platform - ManageEngine Applications Manager

4. Control your cloud spend

Bid farewell to unexpected overages and stay in control of your cloud costs. Gain insights into whether your current AWS or Azure cloud expenses will meet the budget goals or exceed them.

Cloud Application Monitoring- ManageEngine Applications Manager
Forecast monthly expenses

Quickly visualize particulars on your current expenditure and forecast for the rest of the month.

Manage your budget effectively

Keep your budget in check and receive automated alerts when the spend thresholds exceed.

Get a cost-wise breakdown

Visualize "Month-to-Date Top Services by Spend" and get a breakdown of the total cost of your services and tax levied for them.

Analyze usage trends

Analyze consumption patterns with trend analysis reports that include historical data, heat charts, and statistical analysis.

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A beginner's guide to cloud monitoring

What is cloud monitoring?


How to monitor cloud services?


With the help of dedicated cloud monitoring services, you can monitor your applications that are reliant on various cloud services. ManageEngine Applications Manager's cloud monitor is a perceptive tool that helps ensure the health and availability of your cloud servers, find and fix performance issues before it affects the end-users, and optimize the performance of your applications.

How does cloud monitoring work?


Cloud monitoring tools are data driven. They proactively collect metrics and monitor them to detect issues and performance degradation, and resolve them before they affect dependent applications, thereby ensuring high performance and constant availability.

How do I monitor my SaaS application?


With the help of a robust tool for cloud infrastructure monitoring, you can monitor not only your SaaS applications, but also IaaS and PaaS. A cloud server monitoring system can easily detect the factors that lead to performance problems in cloud applications. Configuring a monitor for the SaaS application on a software like Applications Manager allows users to view and analyze performance data that can be useful in business process management. By constantly monitoring cloud applications, the tool automatically detects and triggers an alarm in the event of application failure or performance degradation.

How can performance monitoring be achieved in cloud operations?


With a cloud monitoring platform like ManageEngine Applications Manager, gather metrics and proactively spot issues when they arise in the operations of cloud-based systems. A cloud usage monitor helps you analyze the aggregated data, which reflects the state of the cloud system and its operations and triggers automated actions and notifications based on that data to correct issues and optimize the performance.


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